Please meet with me this Morning Between 9-10am for a prophetic word

Dear Bishop Climate ,


Hear This Testimony:

Dear Bishop,
I just want to thank God for your life! I have been waiting all week to share this testimony with you. I heard that you have moved to a new Church building Called Miracle House, I chose to attend last Sunday during the service where you released a prophetic word that we must connect to our miracle, and I believed God for my connection with my financial miracle. The following day on Tuesday I received a phone call from someone saying they had something to give me. Bishop I was believing God for a big financial breakthrough – you said this is the month of increase and this is my time to move forward. I needed a way out – I need to move ahead. Bishop this week someone blessed me with £60,000 I am still in awe of what has happened –  I thank God for your life Bishop, I thank God for this connection! 

Will you Spare Just an Hour for Your Breakthrough? 


Tomorrow, I want you to meet me in person between 9am – 10am here in London. 

The Lord spoke to me to set apart a special time to see YOU, no appointment necessary. Since I started this special time a few weeks ago, hundreds of people are being blessed as they receive on the spot prophecy, healing, revelation, word of wisdom and knowledge, and instant miracles as I lay my hands on them. But I can only see a limited number of people, so first come first served.

Tomorrow morning, whatever you need from God is available:

– I will be believing God with you for your miracle (Mark 9:23)

– I will lay hands on those of you who are sick and God will heal you (Luke4:40)

– I will tap into the spiritual gifts of Wisdom to show you what to do when you dont know what   to do over that situation that is bothering you ( 1 Cor 12) 

– I be giving you a divine instruction on how to get your situation sorted out

– I will tap into the special gift of Word of Knowledge

– I will also be tapping into the gift of Miracles


Tomorrow when you come, expect not to go home the same way you came. Since we started this special time many lives have been changed on the spot. This Sunday be Here! And remember to Bring your documents and point of contact such as documents for court cases, hospital letters and extra.


God commanded me to set apart this hour to be free just for you! So please won’t you join me? I know you’re life will never be the same again! Make sure you are on time, we are starting at 9AM in the morning.

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