Dreams And Interpretation

Find immediate answers to your dreams. All these dreams interpretation  have been made available to by the Courtesy Dr Climate who is one of the world leading seers also an expert gifted with Interpretation of dreams from God  . Please just type a keyword or type any word and our database will search for your answer.  E.g you dreamt you were in a car , type CAR or Motor Vehicle.

Few things to Remember about dreams

  1. Dreams are subject to interpretation
  2. Dreams are parables  that must be solved by a Person gifted with that gift
  3. Dreams have Instruction that must be executed in order to benefit from that dream
  4. Failure to follow the instruction or failure to correctively interpret dreams can result into regrettable circumstances
  5. There 2 Types of Dreams  Positive & Negative . And all need different response.

Here are some of the dream interpretation , And solution Provided. I am still writing solution , if you can’t find any , just email me and I will send your interpretation.

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