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…TONIGHT YOUR STAR MUST COME OUT EXILE! Join with me Prophet Climate for  7 DAYS of Commanding Your Star Conference Starting Tonight 7 PM!..   Dear Child Of God,  This weekend has been so powerful! From Friday we have discovered how to command our morning star and the powerful principles behind it. We discovered that every person that is born, ...

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Is There Such Thing As Miracle Money? ….. Find Out The Truth …..

Money Miraculous Appears In Bank Accounts   Bishop I really need to talk to you…After the Prophetic Word that you released in my life …… Today I can’t believe what I’m seeing in my account…£ 6000++ from ….??? Miracle money… Wow!!!!! I don’t have your personal  number to call and I haven’t told anyone yet…I keep looking and looking at ...

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Tonight Let God Turn Your Scars To Stars

Dear Saint, You never saw it coming, you were all excited only to find yourself humiliated and oppressed. You looked for help but nothing showed up, you questioned everything thing about your faith, your life. That’s what God revealed to me this morning… But Tonight Friday at 7:30pm Miracle Service ” GOD WILL TURN YOUR SCARS TO STARS “ . Yes you may have ...

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