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The Kingdom Church Revel in God’s Glory! TKC London Introduces Brand New Service Which Is Taking UK By Storm!

…Read & Watch Powerful Testimonies Of 1st Sunday Of The Month Morning Glory Miracle Frankincense Service!..   [youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gKn5TGdIQl4?list=PL2Qzu_N5UsdXbjmorkMxqkwm9UxniJOc0&w=560&h=315]   “Hi Bishop! I thank God for the woman of God and your life. When I came to the service I didn’t know what to expect. While you was spreading the Frankincense around the sanctuary I was praying. I then felt ...

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Today Prepare For Your Miracle To Be Granted! Read Powerful Testimonies, Prophetic Word & Much More Inside Today’s BishopclimateBlog!

…Read This Powerful Testimony Below Sent In This Week!…. “I came for service last week Friday 24 January. The reason I came is because you asked me to come in the email because you saw me chained and you said the chains would be broken so I came and what was amazing was that because I live far away I ...

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Are You Ready To Override The Storm..? Then This Message Is For YOU! Experience An Abundance Of Peace Today & More!

…Read This Powerful Testimony Of Instant Healing From Our Super Sunday Miracle Service Below!.. “…I felt pain in my back since Sunday morning. The Super Sunday Miracle service was so powerful. Bishop was prophesying and he commissioned peace to the congregation to believe and receive. Bishop also said to speak peace to any part of your body that is in ...

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