What are people saying About Bishop Climate


Dear Bishop,
Thank you for your invitation to fellowship with the ministry this past weekend,although I
was engaged with work at the Olympics,but i tried by all means to attend the second service which was very fantastic and wonderful with the prophesies .I can not afford to loose or fail to attend church services anymore in my life.My oath to God in 2011,when I became a born again is to serve God in his house at all times for the rest of my life,and I say thanks to God for you being anointed as my man of God.Since I joined the ministry my life has turn around
for good and may lord continue to bless you and the woman of God,and the ministry,in the mighty name of Jesus..

IKD – London 


Dear Bishop,   
I”m very sorry bishop  i”ve not  been able to  access my  email,all this  while,i was completely broke and not being able to top-up my dongle.Bishop,it is true that you said
some people pretend as if everything is alright when it not really alright.Thinks are not really with me and my wife,we need you as our man of God,our bishop,our prophet and our father over lives.That is the reason why we decided to stay in your ministry.We know with the anointing upon you and ministry we can make it, and it shall be well with us in Jesus name.We love you bishop with all  our heart, we honour  you and respect as our man of God.Thank you very much sir for your letters.May God 
bless you and your family,in Jesus name.

Daniel- London