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Day 20: Only 1 Day Left … Could This Be The Issue ?

Dear Child of God, Child of God, as we are about to finish our Daniel’s Fasting, I hope you have been able to join us from the beginning, and if you started along the way then I encourage you to keep going till the end. One thing the Lord spoke to me is that there is a moment that is ...

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Day 19: I Saw An Evil Force That Wants To Scatter All Your Riches ….

Dear Child of God, With only two days left to go, God has left one the best till last. Child of God, what am about to share with you today is an issue that affects almost every single person I’ve come into contact with in all my years of ministry. Of all the prayer requests I receive for divine intervention, ...

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Day 18: The Sickness You Are Facing Is Not Normal …. I Saw A Spiritual Battle For Your Health Going On

Dear Child of God, We’ve been fasting and praying for 18 days now! Our spiritual preparation for this year is nearly complete. Every day we’ve been dealing with a different spirit, a different curse, a different principality, making sure we are covering every ground, so that no matter what tries to pop up in the months to come, it’s not ...

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