Overcoming Fear Of Failure

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Its now 6 years since God instructed the man of God to start the healing and deliverance school every Saturday apart from the 2nd week of the month where we hold the anointing of the hands miracle service. During this services thousands have been healed, many people travel from far to experience God’s power first hand. Others will watch live and order the teaching in audio or DVD form and experience the power of God in their lives.

This weekend in the  healing and deliverance School,  Bishop Climate taught preparing people to know how to deal with situations when they arise just like in the testimony I want to share with you.  A couple that has been attending Saturdays service for years faced tragedy when their son was a victim of hit and run accident coming from school.  The prognosis for the injuries he suffered was not good.  They were told their son might not survive his injuries, if he survived he was going to be disabled and will need recovery time more than 18months.  Because they have been attending the School of Healing and Deliverance they knew what to do just like Jairus ( Mark5: 35-43) when he was told about the death of his daughter.  They followed instructions from the Prophet of God.  As I write now their son is doing well, went back to school and he fully recovered in less than a month.

Child of God did you know that when you think about fear of failure, what you fear to fail will manifest.  Bishop taught that Job feared he will lose his children and possessions and that came to pass (Job 3:25).  People with fear of failure were described by Bishop Climate as “people who are worried about what will people think if I fail”.  Worrying about others perceptions of you causes lack of confidence, low self esteem, financial problems, hinders miracles and breakthroughs.

In overcoming fear of failure the Man of God taught about the mindset adopted by the woman with the issue of blood in Mark 5: 24-34.  When you read the bible, you need to read it from an action point of view which is fully illustrated by Bishop Climate in the teaching.  The reading begins from Mark 5: 30, 31, 32, 33, 5, 26, 27, 28, 29, and 34.  This mindset of the woman with the issue of blood is:

  1. She was not a quitter
  2. She had no sense of blame
  3. She did not care what others think of her
  4. She was willing to get over her problems

To receive your Deliverance from fear of failure the Man of God instructed that you must “Take a risk and get out of normality”.

I will personally recomend that you get this teaching now by downloading for free  at  www.bishopclimate.net or by clicking the download from the link below. Remember the download is only for free withing the next 48 hours.

 How To Cancel Every Evil Wishes Against You 


How To Cancel Every Evil Wishes Against You2 Sep 2012

By the end of the day the Prophet of God was led by the spirit of God to pray for people and he laid his hands according to Luke 4:40 many people were touched by the power of God healed and delivered instantly. In the Bishop Climate Ministry people are able to learn things they can’t learn anywhere else.

Remember that this coming Saturday at 7:30pm  is the Anointing of Hands Service as you attend come expecting a financial breakthrough when the Man of God Bishop Climate prays for you.  Invite friend or family for this is always a great occasion for the whole family.

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  1. Dear Bishop.
    I believe there are evil spirits following me as everywhere I go this is said. It is said this was done by parents to ensure I do what they want. I greatly need your powers and prayers to release me from this yoke. George

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