Join Us Tomorrow At 9AM For Prayer Of Silent And Miracle Frankincense Service!

…Join Us Tomorrow At 9AM For Prayer Of Silent! Miracle Frankincense Service & Miracle Testimony Service! Watch Special Message From Bishop Climate With Special Instructions For Miracle Frankincense Service Tomorrow!…


Hi Child of God,

I greet you all in Jesus name, now back in London I came from a very Important Meeting in Kenya. At The Airport a woman and her family saw me and screamed and run toward me. She said that she was praying one day to see me personally. For over 38 years her life was full of misfortune and that she had given up her life until she had a dream that she she was full of sores and an Angel held her hands. Told her she was a child borne of misfortune and the she must be cleansed, the angel told her to write things that she desires her life. when she finished her and the angel went through a mist smoke and when she came out on the other side she was free. No more sores her skin was like a baby. and the Angel had disappeared. That dream reoccured 2 times. She knew it was message from God for her life to change and that she must do something. She began to search for Smoke in the Bible only to find about Frankincense. she googled and to her surprise she  found out about our ministry. she connected through the email. followed the instruction. she send her prayer request of her desires just like Angel asked her.  She Watched the live Services followed every instruction. The following Monday she received a call from the Swedish Embassy to come for an urgent Visa Interview. A family Reunion Visa that had been filled by her father. Of whom she had no contact no contact for 38 years. When I met them at the airport Already they had been granted Visa and there she was her and her  2 children moving to Sweden to start a new life. But also she just discovered she was only child and her father is Ship liner Millionaire. As From today God will visit you! As by tomorrow in the service God wants to meet you personally. God desires to answer your prayers, to reveal His goodness in your life, and tomorrow we are gathering together to present ourselves before Him. You must be there or you can allow me to present you through your prayer Agreement. So many people have prayed and prayed for months or years with no results, but when they participate in this service special Miracle service by overnight everything changes. Why is that you feel you are not experiencing any progress in life? It’s because I feel that you need this different type of anointing! Yes you need it Now! I want you to know that God sees your heart, and this is the reason He created this service special Miracle service just for you, to get the breakthrough that you need in your life. And It’s Happening tomorrow as we sanctify ourselves to Enter into the Presence of God! Tomorrow as you immerse yourself in His presence, the miracles of God will become a reality for you. By the afternoon results should start appearing in your life. Something very Powerful is about to take place, an Awakening in your spirit, quicken by power, activated by special faith with an outpouring of His favour like never before! Miracles & testimonies are going to flow like a river in your life. You will testify of the Lords goodness, and it will be as a result of this special Miracle Frankincense Service.   Arch Bishop Elect Climate Irungu



Miracle  Frankincense Service is a time of Prayer & Meditation, to Receive the Anointing, Glory & Favour of the Lord into your life. Get yourself ready, for something amazing is happening within the next 24 hours!

First: Remember to wear white or something white, even if you are watching online from home. As I believe God for a special assigned angel to you tomorrow.

Second: Prayerfully prepare your prayer list, write down the things that you want God to do in your life (only positive things must be written on this list). For the angels will bring your requests directly to the throne room of God, whatever you ask for according to His will and it shall be granted. 


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Deadline Closes Tomorrow Sunday 3rd July Morning at 8AM GMT

Remember to Wear White or Something White.

Participate from Home and watch Live at from 8AM GMT (British Time) – Please Chat to our Live Advisors to obtain your passcode




Thousands of testimony’s and miracles are taking place every day by people activating there faith! its important for you to be able to worship in a place where God is! The Kingdom Church London is a place where the presence of God Lives and where the captives are set free! Continue to read the prophetic word shared from Bishop Climate for today and the blogs posted earlier this month! Do you need A personal prophetic word for this month? then send me a prayer request to 

or click If you are looking for a church to visit or looking for a dynamic church to be apart of join us at TKC London! We would love for you to worship with us! Scroll down and discover our schedule for this week listed below! If you can’t join us in person then you can watch us 24/7 online at We have so many services and events this year to cater for YOU! At The Kingdom Church London! To Find out more about Bishop Climate Ministries and Our special Services Click Here!

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Kenya: +254 711 305 413 / +254 773 330 955

We at TKC London are praying from 12AM – 1AM Everyday with a prayer schedule timetabled for your every needs! 

TKC Prayer Schedule: ( Monday – Sunday )

Monday  – Divine Favour 

Tuesday  – Peace & Prosperity 

Wednesday  – Total Wholeness

Thursday – Divine Breakthrough

Friday– Overcomer’s Prayer Warfares (3AM)

Tomorrow  – Divine Protection 

Sunday – Total Victory


Join us For Our Super Sunday Services 3rd July 2016 At TKC London!


Join Us Tomorrow At 9AM Join With Us For Prayer Of Silence to start your Sunday Morning with special prayers and meditation of silence. 

Second Service For the Day 10:30AM For Miracle Frankincense Service! During this special service will be a time of prayer, worship and praise. Through divine instruction from God, all those in attendance will sanctify themselves using Sanctification Oil and to take us to another level Bishop Climate will be using special anointed frankincense and fill the sanctuary with smoke to offer before God just as it says in (Revelation 8:13 NIV)

2PM – 4:30PM Miracle Testimony Service: Come believing God for a quick breakthrough, Personal word of Knowledge? Do you want to face Monday with a High gear, full of energy and power? Then this service is for you! Filled with powerful testimonies! 

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