How to create wealth from the word of God

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It is amazing to see that here in The Kingdom church we have begun the month of Open Minds with Prosperity Summit with the Prophets of God Bishop Climate Irungu and guest speaker Prophet of Prosperity Bishop Sammy Gitonga.  As the Prosperity Summit continued on Day two Bishop Sammy Gitonga explained one of the keys to achieving KINGDOM MILLIONAIRE status.

In his teaching the prophet of God taught using one of the greatest examples Hannah (1 Samuel 10-28).

Did you know that the word of God creates wealth? Hannah was a woman who was desperate to conceive the fruit of the womb.  She made a covenant vow with God which led her to receive her breakthrough.  Yesterday people continued to receive the anointing to achieve the KINGDOM MILLIONAIRE status guided by the hand of Prophet Bishop Gitonga.  People followed instructions to make covenant vows just like Hannah with God which will continue to future generations.

The covenant vows that were made yesterday have been left on the altar and Bishop Climate will be praying for the covenant vows throughout the year.  Join us tomorrow for DAY THREE Bishop Gitonga will be teaching about another key to achieving the KINGDOM MILLIONAIRE status called commissioning.  Our very own Bishop Climate will be conveying a second blessing towards the anointing of prosperity.  Come and be a part of what God is doing in The Kingdom Church this evening.  Come and receive your special prophetic instructions from the Prophets of God Bishop Gitonga and Bishop Climate.

I will urge you to get this teaching from Bishop Sammy Gitonga (Covenant Vows)  is available on our bookstore and can also be ordered through our call centre  or downloaded online.  You can also purchase books written by Bishop Sammy Gitonga Strategic Thinking and Kingdom Millionaires (How to Get Financial Healing).  These books are already available in our bookstore.

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