Get Ready Tonight For DAY 1 Unforgettable Woman Conference 2015!

…Get Ready Tonight For DAY 1 Unforgettable Woman Conference 2015! Read From Bishop Climate, Read An Unforgettable Testimony! UFW Conference Updates & More!..

UWC2015 LDN (BC) V2


” Dear Bishop and First Lady I want to thank you so much deep down from my heart. It’s amazing how much God is using you both to impact my life.  I would have been lost and dead in situations , but thank God for making you my spiritual parents keeping an eye on me guiding my steps to keep me on track each moment I feel weary. I bless the Lord for all that He is using you to do within each and every individuals life. God bless your family and the entire Ministry. To God be all the glory.” –  Cilla A.G 


Hi Child Of God,

Welcome to Day 1 Unforgettable Woman Conference! This week I know that there will be a powerful move of God! From tonight you are about to experience an Unforgettable Anointing. Come and receive the anointing, to earn a permanent and Unique Blessing in your life. The anointing of legacy is here for you to receive this week. You will begin to unlock the legacy that is within you a legacy that will be around for your children’s, children. Make sure you make every effort to invite your friends and family to these life changing events. We have special guest speakers Bishop Carolyn Love (USA) Rev Lucy Muiru (Kenya) Rev Anita (Scotland) Bishop Ann Kabundi (England) and more! During this Unforgettabe Conference get ready for Unforgettable Praise and Worship, Unforgettable Breakfast, Girls Talk Live, Ladies On Fire Talent Show and so much more. From tonight as we open up this powerful conference with myself and Dr Jennifer you will experience, supernatural release and victory. This week don’t miss your moment of victory! (Mark 14:9 NIV)  Be Blessed. – Arch Bishop Elect Climate Irungu



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2015 Banner Year Of Unmerited Favour


UWC2015 LDN (BC) V2

Thousands of testimony’s and miracles are taking place every day by people activating there faith! its important for you to be able to worship in a place where God is! The Kingdom Church London is a place where the presence of God Lives and where the captives are set free! Continue to read the prophetic word shared from Bishop Climate for today and the blogs posted earlier this month! Do you need A personal prophetic word for this month? then send me a prayer request to 

or click If you are looking for a church to visit or looking for a dynamic church to be apart of join us at TKC London! We would love for you to worship with us! Scroll down and discover our schedule for this week listed below! If you can’t join us in person then you can watch us 24/7 online at We have so many services and events this year to cater for YOU! At The Kingdom Church London! To Find out more about Bishop Climate Ministries and Our special Services Click Here!

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Zimbabwe: +263 7 73428823 /+263 7 72208267

Kenya: +254 711 305 413 / +254 773 330 955

We at TKC London are praying from 12AM – 1AM Everyday with a prayer schedule timetabled for your every needs!

TKC Prayer Schedule: ( Monday – Sunday )

Monday – Divine Favour

Tuesday – Peace & Prosperity 

Tonight  – Total Wholeness

Tomorrow – Divine Breakthrough

Friday – Overcomer’s Prayer Warfares (3am)

Saturday – Divine Protection 

Sunday – Total Victory


TKC London Week Schedule: 18th November – 22nd November 2015

UWC2015 LDN (BC) V2


Join us Tonight Wednesday 18th November 7PM For DAY 1 Grand Opening Of Unforgettable Woman Conference 2015! Join us here at TKC London with your Hosts Dr Jennifer and Arch Bishop Elect and special guest speakers! 

Join us Tonight Thursday 19th November DAY 2 UFW Conference at 4PM for TKC Holy Ghost Gym Unforgettable Woman Special! And Day 2 Unforgettable Woman Conference 7PM Word Service! Come for this jam packed conference as there is a word for you this week! 

Join Us Friday 20th November DAY 3 UFW CONFERENCE At 7PM For Friday Word Service! Come and join with Unforgettable woman and get ready for your life to change as this conference continues to unfold. 

Join Us Saturday 21st November For DAY 4 Of UFW CONFERENCE for our 11AM Unforgettable Woman Breakfast and More!


9AM Sanctification Service with your Host Dr Jennifer Irungu and Special Guest Speakers! 

11AM Word Service Come and be ready to hear a special teaching these Sunday with our Powerful Guest Speakers!

3PM Miracle Prophetic Service Come for the grande finale final Service at TKC London as we close this Unforgettable Woman Conference 2015! 

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