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Before attending this ministry I experienced a lot of problems in my relationships, finances, health and housing. I had attended so many churches looking for help so my situation could change but I didn’t find any. Therefore I decided I had no other choice but to go to the witch doctors so that things could get better. But instead, all that happened things got worse. My son was constantly being excluded from school, my younger son was behaving badly and hyper active, and my daughter was deaf in one ear.
I was invited to the Kingdom Church by my cousin. The first time I set feet in the sanctuary I knew that there was something different about this place. I knew this was the place that God had destined me to be. As I kept on attending services my life began to transform. I spoke to the man of God Bishop Climate, he was very understanding and compassionate and prayed with me. One thing that confirmed that he was a true man of God was when I went to see him. During my appointment with him, I had forgotten that I had given my son a cloth that was given by the witch doctor to protect him. In the middle of our conversation Bishop told my son to open his wallet and take out the cloth: i was very shocked because I thought that no one would ever know. Straight after that he put me on a 40 day deliverance program and as I have been going through deliverance I have seen tremendous changes in my life. I am much calmer and I don’t get angered easily anymore. I have seen my children’s behaviour improve. The man of God prayed for my daughter and her ear opened up and she can now hear perfectly. And also, after years of applying for a house I was finally granted a house without having to struggle like before. I just want to thank God for the amazing things he has for me. – Carol, London

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  1. How do I get the deliverance program living outside the UK

  2. Start with the spirit one

  3. how do i get deleverance programms i need changes in ma life bishop…im at south africa

  4. Bishop, I need prayers n’ deliverance.

  5. I need prayer !

  6. man of god I want marriage oil, how can I get it I’m in south Africa

  7. I can’t wait to start my deliverance program!

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