Every Household god Must Die By Fire …. The Fire Burns Tonight

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Dear Faithful Reader, 

I am writing this as a matter of urgency: this weekend is the Fire Miracle Service and I saw something in the spirit concerning your life that fits this occasion. As I was praying for you God revealed to me that there are household gods in your family. That are behind every delay, disappointments, denial and disapproval in your life  that you have been experiencing. 

Does it seem that every time good things come to you a demonic judgment is passed  to deny you that favour? Or every time your name has been selected for promotion an evil force from your family household gods will cause an overnight change of decision suddenly causing disapproval? The list goes on and on. This circle of delay, denial, disappointment  and disapproval must stop in your life. Today every household god from your fathers house, from your mothers house, from your relatives, from your god-parents house, must die by fire!! 

Genesis 31:19-21 NIV:  ” When Laban had gone to shear his sheep, Rachel stole her father’s household gods. Moreover, Jacob deceived Laban the Aramean by not telling him he was running away. So he fled with all he had, crossed the Euphrates River, and headed for the hill country of Gilead. “ 

Rachel the wife of Jacob stole household gods that her father Laban had. These are the same gods that control and destroy families, businesses and even financial assets. The Bible shows us that Rachel discovered that it is because of these other gods, her progress had been delayed and denied, her life had been full of disappointment and disapproval.

Rachel met the love of her life Jacob but her father delayed her because of these gods! Rachel waited patiently for 7 years only to be disapproved for marriage again and because of these gods she had to wait for another 7 years – this is 14 years for a man she loved! Because of these gods, even after getting married she was denied to have children; Rachel was left barren for many years as she wanted a child of her own. These gods delayed Rachel, they denied her, they disappointed her and they filled her with disapproval. Her own sister was exchanged to Jacob before she was given Jacob as her own husband. Even whilst Rachel was barren she had to let her handmaiden sleep with her husband to bring forth children.

And when the time came for the maid to give birth, she would have to lock knees with the handmaiden to claim the child as her own as it was coming out. These house of gods were controlling her life and Rachel grew to a point where she had had enough. [First_Name], She came to a point where she was thinking these gods blocked me for 14 years! These gods made my sister Leah to be exchanged in marriage and chosen before me. These gods denied my marriage and denied my womanhood. , These gods caused my life misery! So what did Rachel do next….?

Now Rachel had taken the household gods and put them inside her camel’s saddle and was sitting on them. Laban went through everything in the tent but found nothing. (Genesis 31:34) 

That’s what she did. She took them away; Yes and she sat on them!!!! The day Rachel left her father’s house she picked them up, defiled them and destroyed them! She had been waiting. she didn’t want to leave them behind. For 20 years there was delay and disapproval and disappointment so she decided to take these gods with her and destroy them! Rachel physically sat on her problems and defiled them! She decided she would not leave them behind for her father to use them and continue to control her life.

If Rachel had left them behind, then those gods would have been used to monitor her and her family. They would show Laban her progress and would use it against Rachel to continue to hinder her. This is why Rachel made a decision even against her own father, she decided to steal her father’s household gods and put them inside her camel’s saddle and sit on them. She took these gods so she could destroy them herself.  Yes she wanted revenge, She took them so these gods could no longer hinder her destiny!

Today just like Rachel I see you getting your life back, I see you overcoming every household gods in your life and in your family. Today every household god that has been used against your life, against your progress it must die by fire.  Everything that has been taken away from you, spiritually, physically, or financially, you will get it back. After this fire service no household gods will see you, monitor you, torment you or hinder you. They shall find nothing. 

Tomorrow’s Fire Service shall be like no other, every problem you have been facing will and must disappear for ever. They shall find nothing. Every health problem, every marriage problem, every career problem, they shall find nothing. 

These are the Instructions that the Spirit of God has instructed me to give you: 

  1. I want you to write down those areas that you have been experiencing Delay, Disappointments, Disapproval and Denial in your life. I want to fill them in the Prayer Agreement Form that I have sent you
  2. I want you to take any documents, these could be bills, medical letters, rejection letters, pictures or negative letters or court cases and court judgment papers that have been used against you. I want you to sit on them and pray the prayers that I have sent you as you opened up this email, and I want you take a photograph of them and send it to me through the prayer agreement form. 
  3. I want you to connect with this prophetic anointing of decapitating and annihilation of every household gods that have bothered you and your family for generations that is about to take place during this coming up fire service by giving an offering of £31.34 according to Genesis 31:34
  4. As soon as I receive your prayer agreement form plus your special prophetic anointing, I will print those photos and your prayer agreement and I will decree a prophetic Decree that will complete destroy, wipe out, obliterate  and wipe off from the face of the earth every powers of darkness  from your family household gods that have been causing delay, denial, disappointment and disapproval in your life.
  5. After the prophetic Decree I decapitate and finish them by throwing them live in the burning fire in order for God to exterminate and eliminate their powers and influence over your life over the great future that God has prepared for you this year and beyond. 

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Yours prophetically, 
Prophet Climate

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