Anointed Oil for Peace – Bishop Climate Ministries

Anointed Oil for Peace – Bishop Climate Ministries.


Anointed Oil for Peace 

Is your life filled with distractions and stress and there seems to be no solution in sight? Anointed Oil for Peace is used to bring peace into your life as well as an antidote to unclean spirits and every element of chaos in your life. If you need more peace in your life then Anointed oil for Peace may be for you. The many uses of Peace oil include:

  • Anoint your forehead and palm to cleanse your self of negativity and bring peace into your personal life
  • Sprinkle it at the four corners of your house and command peace to your house or office.
  • Add to Miracle Salt to bring more peace and clarity into your daily life

Our Anointed Oil for Peace is made using the highest quality ingredients According to Deut 8:18. The Anointed oil for Peace spends at least 12 Hours at the altar then the Prophet, under the Power of the HOLY SPIRIT, Releases the Power known to bring victory in every area of your life. Thousands of people have been experiencing this as seen Live on our National TV programs.

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