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The year 2012 is the year of Taking Authority in Bishop Climate Ministries.  As the new Month begins the month of August is the month of Open Minds and  scriptural reference of the month is Proverbs 24:16.  The man of God Bishop Climate released prophetic word over the 6 areas that God revealed for this month which were career, business, marriages and relationships, spiritual, finance and social.  Under the prophetic anointing Bishop released anointing that broke all the yokes and curses that bring death in these areas.

In the key areas revealed by the man of God many people face difficulties and some of the situations are dead.  What are the areas that most people struggle with in their life?  In life people face different experiences which can make life difficult and sometimes tough.  The trouble causers of these problems can attack in the spiritual realm causing all these problems to manifest in the physical.  One of the problems revealed by Bishop Climate is that there can be death in people’s lives financially, socially, spiritually, health and family.

This death is seen in financial difficulties, marriage problems, redundancy or poor career prospects and sometimes no matter how much effort has been placed into improving the situation nothing improves.  The man of God laid his hands and prayed for people that specifically lost things such as repossessed houses, cars and redundant or unemployed people.  He released a word of prophecy in their lives that all that was dead will rise up gain in the name of Jesus.

Such difficulties are alleviated through the power of the Holy Spirit using the anointing of the resurrection power that raised Jesus Christ from the dead.  When our Lord Jesus Christ died he rose up again on the third day raised by the resurrection power of the Holy Spirit.  The same resurrection power will rise up every dead situation prophetically in finances, family, social, spirit, career, business, marriages and relationships.

Every situation that is dead must rise up in the name of Jesus.  The power of the resurrection power is here in the name of Jesus Christ.

The key message that Bishop taught to day was that ‘I will rise up again’ financially, socially, body, spiritually, family and business and career.

In the next article I will be providing more teachings from Bishop Climate Irungu about the prophetic word Open Mind.

Don’t forget that this week the Prophet of God Bishop Climate will be releasing powerful anointing , I am looking forward to hear from you and document your testimony

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