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Your Life Has Just Been Extended And This Is The Reason Why …..

THE FIRE WILL CONTINUE TO BURN  FOR NEXT  Dear Child Of God , Your Life Has Just Been Extended !!!! HERE IS THE WORD OF PROPHECY FOR YOU AT 06:56AM  My Servant Prophet Climate, Because Of Matter Of Urgency That No One Should Fall short Of The Glory Of God Read These Word 2 Kings 20:5-6. I Need You To Extend ...

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This Is The Person Who Set You Up….Click Now To Find Out

Dear Child Of God, I had to get this message to you as soon as possible and in which ever way I could. I have been trying to communicate with you since last night. This the only way to get to you. Even if I must use public means I had to, Its Urgent As I write to you I ...

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The Time Has Come For You To Be Released … Click Now!

Dear Child Of God, At the beginning of the month I wrote to you that this is the divine month of Release. For 400 years the children of Israel were in bondage, their lives, their destinies in the hand of the Egyptians. As long as their lives were being held, they could not move forward, they could not think for ...

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