Monthly Archives: May 2013

Got Enemies? …. Then You Need to Read This Prophetic Word From Bishop Climate

  Dear Child of God,  ******PLEASE READ THIS TESTIMONY ******** “Bishop, I just want to thank God for your life. You are an extraordinary man of God and I thank God that I met you. Since you started holding the Fire Service, God has been doing amazing things in my life. I have a brother back home in Zimbabwe who ...

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The Cd Fell Out From Her Bag, Next Day I got £1900…… Amazing Testimony & Prophetic Word From Bishop Climate

  “From 90 to 1900 pounds in 24HRS. For years I thought what is all this about prosperity teaching, I hated it I thought it was a wrong teaching. But after what happened this week I have repented. It’s true, what a human being doesn’t understand they resist.   My workmate  forgot her bag at the place of work. As ...

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Why This Year Could Be A Turning Point In Your Life Prophetic Word From Bishop Climate

Dear Child of God, I want you to hear this Testimony that Just happened Last month at the same time of this month. For years I struggled with bad luck, everything  that I tried never succeed it was blockage and all manner of disappointment, I saw an advert on TV about the anointing of the hand miracle service . Last ...

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