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…Read This Powerful Testimony Below Sent In This Week!….

“I came for service last week Friday 24 January. The reason I came is because you asked me to come in the email because you saw me chained and you said the chains would be broken so I came and what was amazing was that because I live far away I came late around 10.20pm and as soon as I opened the door you started to mention one by one all the problems I had! So I came running each time and you anointed me so I know it is only a matter of time my breakthrough is coming because even in the Prophetic email you specified 24 January 2014 as the day God was going to start blessing me in my life. Well I stayed on for 3am deliverance and you also prayed for me. Now my most amazing testimony was that on Sunday morning I found myself singing the song they sing in your church about inviting the Holy Spirit so I started singing and singing while anointing myself with all the oils I bought and then I played the New Year Service Audio CD about 4G’s and to my amazement  I started rejoicing and speaking in tongues and was baptised with the Holy Spirit. Oh what a day because I was intending on asking you to place anointing of Holy Spirit but I received it without even asking yet…. Wow! I am just so happy and thank God he led me to your Ministry online. I have faith that I will overcome all the problems I am still facing one by one because your anointing is already upon me. May God continue to give you Peace in your life in Jesus name.” – Ms K.T

Hi Church,

Today the days of you being a loser is over! In your dictionary’s the word loser is erased and re written as all things are possible! There is someone after the years have not been able to travel for years! This year your ticket will always be a return! You’ll be going for missionaries and great trips and you will return! Today you will be coming back with a promotion, coming back with testimonies, favour and miracles. Confess today “it is well with me! I am coming back again! As from today I will never struggle another day of my life! I believe that I am coming back again!  Grant me a miracle lord! Grant me miracle money! Grant me a miracle job more favour and success amen. Today I encourage you to pray the prayer of King Hezekiah (2 Kings 19:15-16) this week you will receive your miracle today, you will not be empty handed you will receive your tailor made miracle for you! Today you are a victory magnet! You will succeed ( Isaiah 3:10 KJV) it shall be well with you! Amen. – Bishop Climate Irungu

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Thousands of testimony’s and miracles are taking place every day by people activating there faith! its important for you to be able to worship in a place where God is! The Kingdom Church London is a place where the presence of God Lives and where the captives are set free! Continue to read the prophetic word shared from Bishop Climate for today and the blogs posted earlier this month! If you are looking for a church to join or visit come and join us at TKC London we would love for you to worship with us! Scroll down and discover our services for this week listed below! We have so many services and events this year to cater for YOU! At The Kingdom Church London! To Find out more about Bishop Climate Ministries and Our special Services Click here!   If you can’t join us in person then you can watch us 24/7 online at

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UK: 0207-738-3668 or 0207-738-3476

USA/North America to call : +1-732 444 7074

Outside UK: +0044 131 555 2290 or +0044 131 555 2966

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New Year At TKC London: 29th January – 2nd February 2014

Special Note: TKC London are praying this week at 12-1 AM for an hour of prayer! Here’s the TKC Prayer Schedule:

Monday ‐ Prayer for Wisdom & Solutions – (covers court hearings, interviews, exams, career issues)

Tuesdays‐ Finances, Business, Job issues 

Wednesdays‐ Health & related issues 

Thursdays ‐ Marriages & Family issues (Come with your point of contact, bills, red letters etc.)

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Join us Friday 31st January Join us for our Explosive Fire Service! Get your fire prayer requests ready…Are you ready for God to intervene into your life and situation? Then this is a MUST ATTEND service. Come and hear testimonies, come and see and experience the fire service. If you live far and you know for sure you cannot be here physically then you can watch us live via online at

Saturday 1st February Join us for our 3AM Powerful Prayer and Deliverance service! Prepare for warfare! It’s time to break every chain and every yoke of bondage over your life!

Sunday 2nd February Join us at our Super Sunday Services: 

8-9AM it’s Morning Glory! Join us to start your Sunday in meditation & prayer!

9-10AM Prophetic Hour with the man of God Bishop Climate! No appointments needed! ( Just be sure to turn up early as limited spaces are available.)

11AM Word Service:  Is spiritual growth your purpose? Do you want to live a successful and winning lifestyle? Do you want to be a disciple of Jesus? Then Come hear the word, Grow and glow spiritually!

3PM Miracle Prophetic Service:– Are you believing God for a quick breakthrough, Personal word of Knowledge? Do you want to face Monday with a High gear, full of energy and power? Then this service is for you!

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  1. Father, i am having a terrible financial situation with a longer history in my life,i need help.

  2. Sikululekile Moyo

    I thank God for your life. I wish I had known this church before, I wasn’t going to be astray because you are the master of life. You are the true prophet of God because all what you say on my prophetic word is true and it happens. God bless you.

  3. jacqueline hopkins

    Hey Bishop! I from Georgia I really need prayer so bad My Name is Evangelist Jacqueline Hopkins I have been around false Prophets and witches, I really need a break  through in my minister I feel I have been blocked in some kind a way Please Bishop I really need your help 770-374-4451.. this lady has went to a witch doctor on me Her name is Glenda Brown Barnes Hughey… Please keep My family in your prayers. I really need some answers I don’t trust anyone anymore they trying to kill my anointing. be Blessed please call and have prayer with me 

  4. Stunning quest there. What occurred after?


  5. Hi Bishop, I have faced a lot of injustice in my life. My financial life is really bad…please pray for me that I will get a promotion with better salary. I am a faithful Tither.

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