Today Discover The Importance Of Relationships! Read Prophetic Word From Bishop Climate, Testimonies & More On Explosive Special Services Coming This Weekend!

…Read Powerful Testimony Shared From Yesterday’s Super Sunday Miracle Service!..


” Bishop Today’s teachings in these services have been so valuable! I have learnt so many tips on communication and relationships. The Man of God has also just confirmed key principles on dating. I realised in my personal life I have been making so many mistakes I even have put myself in dangerous situations! I learnt today things about myself since I have a giving nature, I would even pay for dates that I’m on but today I have seen that I should take a back seat and let the man take a lead. Thank you Man of God for your wisdom. “  – Ms D.R , London 

Hi Church! Hope you are enjoying this day that God has given to us all! many people who have attended yesterdays Super Sunday services have benefited in a positive way. I apologise for the live streaming being unavailable for those who tuned in, we are currently upgrading our streaming services for you as there is so many of you joining our Live services we are growing in a big way. Please support us by clicking the donation button below to help improve our services for you amen. Child of God, for the past couple of weeks I have been sharing about the storms and crisis we face in life. Every one of us will go through a crisis in life no matter if your born again or not.  once in a while you will go through one of these five crisis whether it be a spiritual, psychological, Physical , Financial , Social and relationships whether that will be family or marriage. Today I want to share with you something important on family relationships.  I want to help you to build up your foundation in all your relationships in your life, Whether thats building up your marriage, improving your home life with your family and so much more. There is a big crisis amongst people who are saved as we have to be able to understand and have the ability to know, that God has an answer to every situation that you are facing today. (1 Corin 11:28-29 ) Man and today’s world has no idea about family , it is only God who knows the importance of family. And I believe that God wants to solve and has the answer to every crisis in your life. He wants us all to experience a little heaven on Earth before we reach heaven to meet with Him. So today take some time, make extra effort to spend time with communication with your family. Invest in conversation to find out about what your spouse, children or even siblings are interested in. Join with us this weekend as we have this Friday Fire Service and Miracle Frankincense Service on Sunday read all about it below as its going to be a weekend to remember!  Remain Blessed – Bishop Climate Irungu 

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TKC London Week Schedule: May 26th – 1st June 2014! 

Tonight May 26th at TKC London! We meet for Kingdom Men & Kingdom Women at 6:30PM! Come socialise, connect with one another and hear life teachings applied to the word of God! Bring your friends and family members along too!

Tomorrow May 27th we have our TKC Holy Ghost Gym at 7:30PM for all our Kingdom Church Members come exercise, learn new healthy tips for the week and come and be refreshed and revived in the house of God! TKC-Holy ghost Gym, use powerful Gym Equipments that will make you sweet off all impurities and using a book power of confession written by first Lady Dr. Jennifer Irungu.

Join us Wednesday May 28th for our Mid Week Boost ( 3 in 1) service at 7:30PM! Come and attend Mid-Week Boost service filled with Bible Study, Intercession and Deliverance. This is a service you don’t want to miss to keep you reenergised for the rest of the week!

Join us Thursday May 29th at 8pm for our Marriage/Singles Clinic! Come and hear principles of single life, longterm partnership success, learning efficient communication techniques and more! Even if your engaged,married or single come and be apart of this great teaching session! Also Midnight Prayer! 12am – 1am on Relationships & Marriages! TKC will be praying about all issue in your family relationship and marriage lives! If this is an area that you would like to increase in your life or a situation that you are dealing with come and join us in prayer!


Get Ready for a powerful Weekend at TKC London with Miracle Fire Service & Morning Glory: Miracle Frankincense Service!

Join us Friday 30th May for our Special Fire Miracle Service! This is the most anticipated service of the month! Come and bring names of debts, red letters, court & eviction notices, enemies and more! This is the night to write down your prayer Fire list and write down and name all the circumstances, all the problems that are troubling you in your life! People have shared many testimonies worldwide of how the Fire Service is giving them results.

Saturday 31st May Join us for our 3AM Powerful Prayer and Deliverance service! Prepare for warfare! It’s time to break every chain and every yoke of bondage over your life!

Sunday 1st June Join us For Our Super Sunday Services!

8AM Join us for Sanctification Morning Glory! (This special Morning Glory Service starts at 8AM every 1st Sunday Of The Month.) The Dress code for these special services are to wear something white. During this special service will be a time of prayer, worship and praise. Through divine instruction from God, all those in attendance will sanctify ourselves using Sanctification Oil and to take us to another level Bishop Climate will be using special anointed frankincense and fill the sanctuary with smoke to offer before God just as it says in the bible (Revelation 8:13 NIV)

11AM Word Service:  Is spiritual growth your purpose? Do you want to live a successful and winning lifestyle? Do you want to be a disciple of Jesus? Then Come hear the word, Grow and glow spiritually!

3PM Miracle Prophetic Service:– Are you believing God for a quick breakthrough, Personal word of Knowledge? Do you want to face Monday with a High gear, full of energy and power? Then this service is for you!


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