” Greetings Man of God, I have to share this powerful testimony to you of what God is doing for me and my family. After attending The Breaking Down Jericho Walls Conference 2018 I believed and recieved every prophetic word given across that week. Man of God during the week God led me to instruct my family that my wife shouldn’t work across that week. I decided to go the extra mile as much as we needed those finances, as much as there were things to be paid for we decide to put God first and lay down our Isaac sacrifice and see what God can do. After the conference, something happened that was so amazing. In total, we received seven Miracle Money Cheques! Each week cheques were coming through and each time we began to rejoice and we received another and another! The amount that came for the last cheque is an abundance amount that will allow myself and my wife and a plus one to travel to Israel this year! We give God all the glory.  – Mr A.B M, Milton Keynes 

Hi Child of God,

There is something that you must have this week….

But before I go there today, I want to ask you a question, are you glad in the Lord? Sometimes you have to learn to rejoice and be happy. There is one thing saying that the Joy of the Lord is your strength but where is the Joy..? Sometimes people can become familiar with just saying these words. People can say that they are filled with joy but not actually be a reflection of joy. This week child of God it’s time to smile! This week it’s time to laugh, yes it’s time to rejoice and jump for joy! You see despite what it looks like around you, once you begin to start rejoicing, any obstacle you are facing, will begin to turn around and never return. 


Today I want to prophesy into your life,  your prosperity is about to grow. The prosperity of God is progressive and the favour of God is going to grow and flourish in your life. You see child of God it doesn’t matter where echo is today, it doesn’t even matter the little that you have as there is an anointing that is going to come upon you as you will be attracting things that is going to make you rich and you are going to come to a money magnet, a favour magnet, a healing magnet a good things magnet. Mark my words you will see through this anointing the amount of good things being drawn towards you.

(Gen 26:12-14 KJV) ” Isaac planted crops in that land and the same year reaped a hundredfold because the Lord blessed him. The man became rich, and his wealth continued to grow until he became very wealthy. He had so many flocks and herds and servants that the Philistines envied him.  So all the wells that his father’s servants had dug in the time of his father Abraham, the Philistines stopped up, filling them with earth.” 

You see Isaac became rich so that means he began to acquire wealth and this is how it’s going to be in your life every day you are going to be growing rich and your wealth is going to continue to grow. Today as you are reading this today you are beginning your first step to growing rich. I am not just talking about financially but health, productivity, in all areas of your life. You see the secret to Isaac success was in his name. As his name means Joy this is not a name that his mother or father picked for him, this was a name given by God. So with this name, it means it doesn’t matter whatever it is Isaac was facing Joy must come from somewhere. This is what you must take with you this week and this is the same joy you are about to experience. This joy is the joy that births ideas and profitable relationships. This is the same joy that will surround you and make you rich. Child of God if you could only see what I see in the realm of the spirit.

If only you could see how bright your future looks you would start rejoicing right now as you are reading. Even from today, you are about to attract situations that will turn out to be a financial resource. You are going to see there is going to be a well of favour and abundance that will be unlimited. And this outpour of abundance is going to come through your joy! This abundance is going to come through you rejoicing. It’s time to start believing in the God who is there to supply your every need. He never created you to to be average, He never created you to be plagued with problems. NO! God created you to be a success filled with unlimited Joy and unlimited victory. Today continue to tap into this unlimited joy and cross over into your breakthrough click the link below and download My Unlimited Joy Audio Teaching. It’s time for you to receive a miracle that will keep you laughing for the rest of your life Amen. See you this weekend for our After Sunset Miracle Service Be blessed. – Prophet Climate 




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