Today Declare This Month My Day of Breakthrough Must Come!

…Today Declare This Month My Day of Breakthrough Must Come! 


Hi Child of God,

I thank God for each and every one of your lives, I give God the glory for the opportunity to be able to connect to each of you. Whilst I am away in Kenya on the mission field, powerful miracles and testimonies have taken place here and I am looking forward to being back in the UK this week to join with you as we anticipate our powerful Miracle Frankincense Service this Sunday. So many amazing things are about to take place between this week and next, especially as we are about to embark on a spiritual journey in Israel as me and many others are about to visit the Holy Land next week by God’s Grace as that’s after we have our Pre Isreal One Night Conference where there will be an opportunity to submit your prayer requests that I can take to the Holy Land with me. Find out more details at the bottom of this message. 


As we are approaching the latter of 2018 we have entered into a new month. This is the month of October the month of Divine Breakthrough! I don’t know about what you are expecting, I don’t know what you are currently praying for this month. But today I wanted to connect with you to let you know that this month the anointing of Breakthrough is about to come upon you. It’s with this anointing that you are going to do amazing things. It’s with this anointing that powerful things are about to take place as you rise up against every challenge and obstacle that has come your way. 

I am looking forward to the powerful move of God about to take place as you join with me this Friday for our Washing and Anointing of The Hands Miracle Service this Friday and our Miracle Frankincense Service this Sunday. This is the perfect opportunity to invite your friends and family this weekend and share with them this prophetic message I have sent to you as anyone who is connected to you, anyone who wishes you well, it is their time to breakthrough.

Child of God I see God raising you up in every area of life. When your day of breakthrough arrives no one will hinder it. When your day of breakthrough comes, no one will hinder you. This month you need to tap into this anointing of breakthrough! This is the anointing that turns every impossibility into possibilities! This week you need to believe and receive that God is about to lift you up. Yes, He is going to do it for you! This week connect with me on Facebook and across my social media platforms and comment in agreement with me and declare this month my day of breakthrough must come! Be blessed – Prophet Climate 


TKC London Week Schedule: 8th September – 14th October 2018

Monday 8th October Kingdom Men and Women 7:00 PM and TKC Deliverance from 7:30 PM

Tuesday 9th October Kingdom Seniors at 7:30PM! Come for networking and biblical principles for all seniors. 

Wednesday 10th October TKC Corporate Fasting 5AM – 5PM! Mid-week Boost Service 7:30 PM

Thursday 11th October we have our TKC Spiritual Boost at 7:30PM! Also Join Prophet Climate LIVE PROPHETIC ONLINE DELIVERANCE SESSION JOIN IN AT 11PM PROMPT Join via or freeconferencecall APP, Local Telephone or via computer / laptop For More Information Please Call +44 20 77383668. Visit or

Join us Friday 12th October Come and join us for the After Sunset Miracle Service. Come and hear instant testimonies of healing, breakthrough and restoration. 

Join us Saturday 13th October Midnight Express 12AM – 1AM Come for the express prayer service that is breaking barriers and producing miracles! 

This Sunday At The Kingdom Church London


Super Sunday 14th October 2018!

Morning Glory: Intercession 8AM 

Prayer Of Silent 9AM 

Miracle Frankincense Service 10:30 AM

Prophetic Miracle Service 2PM  


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