Stepping on Higher Ground

Dear Reader,

I feel honored to write to you. I wish I could email you daily, my heart is full of Joy and humility as there are many things that I want to share with you.

First I would love to thank God for the heart of Humility that God has given you. Many people miss the greatest moments in life when they fail to honor and respect God. John Lennon said that he was more famous than Jesus, then he was shot and died. The designer of the Titanic said that Titanic was so big and greatly engineered that even God himself could not sink it: and we all know it hit an Iceberg and sank forever.

You may not like some things that I write but just remember that though you may not need them today, you may need them tomorrow.  

Last year I wrote a few articles about the spirit of singleness and some of the spiritual causes that can cause people to be single. One gentleman sent me a nasty email asking me to delete him from our mailing list, that he was happily married with two children and that he didnt need any spiritual advice. I did as he asked and removed him. A few weeks ago he came home to find that his wife of many years disappeared and had moved abroad to join her childhood sweetheart and she was not coming back. He called our office asking if I still had the emails I had sent him because he needed them urgently. 

Here are a few Testimonies of those who have tuned in and hearkened to the advice that God has put for those who fear him and Love him.

Surely the Lord God does nothing, unless He reveals His secret to His servants the prophets. (Amos 3:7) 

Dear Bishop,

Thank you for sharing the word of God with me.

I having  been coming to The Kingdom Church since January this year and so far my life has been transformed. I have a list of miraculous answers to my prayers. I came to your church after experiencing problems at work. I work as a nurse in South East London and was suspended following serious allegations about my practice. My colleague and friend invited me to come to church for prayers and for God to give me favour in the situation.

I remember the first day I attended church you shared  with us the scripture Psalm 91:15 and I took this word and sowed my seed standing on this word. I also attended the Wednesday healing and deliverance service reguarly and prayed and fasted regularly.
Following investigations at my working place the case was dropped as there was no evidence. Again I will  like to thank you for your continuous prayers and anointing.

My second testimony  is about my health. I have been having heavy menstrual flow for a while and low Hb levels.My doctors have been trying to find the cause of the problem to no avail. I attended a healing and deliverance service in May and you prayed for me. The next month my menstrual flow was reduced. The last healing service I attended was the end of July on a Saturday and again you prayed and you asked us to touch the areas that needed healing. By the next Tuesday I developed pain in my left abdomen, I went to see my GP and A&E where I had my ovaries removed as it had displaced my organs. I thank the Lord today as my biopsy has come back clear .

Thank you again for the anointing and prayers.

Sis J.A.C – London 

Child of God, this Weekend is the end of the Month. We have had powerful testimonies and breakthroughs throughout September, but now get ready for I feel so strong that the coming month is one of the most powerful months in the Year.

October is the Tenth month of the year. Number Ten represents BLESSING or PROSPERITY. Number Ten is the Currency number, Decimals are divided by ten. I believe that this coming Month that God will release a Big  financial breathrough over your life. I see showers of blessing in every area of your Life. This month God is going to visit you financially.

This weekend from Friday to Sunday I will be teaching how to receive the end of your faith. In short, the physical manifestation of your Breakthrough.

This Sunday Will be the END OF THE MONTH ANOINTING OF THE FEET Prophetic Miracle service , I would love you to join me physically here in London or by your Computer, Phone or Laptop by tuning in to at 3:30PM (GMT) or 10:30AM (EST)

I see as you anoint your feet with special miracle oil that you are going to step on a higher ground in every area of your life: spiritually, financially, physically and in your family. You are going to be highly favoured wherever you go. No more rejection and I know that this moment and this time you are not going to allow anything to hinder your blessings in Jesus name!

The Lord has instructed me to bless and release a special MIRACLE PACK For you to become a WEALTH & HEALTH MAGNET. I would love to give you an opportunity to Pre-order your pack now, for we have a limited stock available as we are moving our offices within the next few days. To Pre- order your Miracle pack Click the Button Below .

Order Hotline Call Now UK & Europe + 44 207 740 6001

or for North America Call +1-732-444-7074 (USA) and +1-647-343-4570 (CANADA)

Thank you,

From Bishop Climate Irungu

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