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Your Hands Must Be Anointed For Total Success From Bishop Climate | Bishop Climate Ministries

Your Hands Must Be Anointed For Total Success From Bishop Climate

Hi Child of God,

Let me take this opportunity to personally welcome to the weekend of Miracles, the month of financial blessing.

Here at the Kingdom Church, we have many members that come from all walks of life – but it’s one of the only churches where you’ll find everyone having a PHD – that is, Prosperity, Healing & Deliverance.

One man once said “that Bishop Climate, he gives people too much hope, believing in cancelling debt, and financial miracles, let’s just be real here!”.

But guess what my people, Jesus walked in miracles every day of his life – and because of that, then we must too!Because I believe that something must change in your life this month – many changes have been taking place just here in our church. My prayer is that God would continue to enlarge your coasts and your boundaries with more of his anointing, more of his power, and more of his presence.

You know when God first started teaching me about financial prosperity, one of the first things he showed me was about the anointing of the hands. I remember seeing some preachers in the past, when God was first bringing me up, doing things like this – and I thought God what is this?? But God spoke to me very clearly and said Son, don’t ever judge something that I have not given you a revelation about. And that was the beginning of some of the greatest revelations I have received from the Lord which have resulted in the miracles that are taking place today at The Kingdom Church.

When God first started teaching me about the anointing of the hands, I was at a conference in Kenya. One lady was there and came up to the front, and the Lord spoke to me to anoint her hands and break every curse of bad luck out of her life. I had never seen the lady before but I obeyed the voice of the Lord. Then I heard that voice I had heard many times before, telling me to instruct her to sow a seed. The problem was, you didn’t have to look twice to know that this woman didn’t have anything. I saw the worn-out sandals on her feet and knew that was the only pair of shoes she owned. And I ask God, Lord how can I ask this woman to sow a seed, I am the one that should be giving her something. But I obeyed the Lord and the woman came and put a seed in my hand.

The conference ended and I returned to London. Two years later I was invited to go and preach in the same area. While I was there, all of a sudden a woman steps out of nowhere and interrupts me while I’m preaching. Now usually I wouldn’t allow this but my spirit told me it was okay. The woman began to speak and said “Man of God, you don’t remember me, but two years ago you were here and you anointed my hands and you said that every curse of bad luck over my life was broken”. I had never even spoke to this woman before apart from the last time I prayed for her. But she began to tell her story, “Man of God, all my life I have been struggling to make money by selling tomatoes up on the bus stops in my village. I tried to open up a shop many times but it would never work, I worked day and night and still could never get ahead. But after you anointed my hands, there was something different that began to happen. I started working hard selling my tomatoes, and soon enough I had enough money to open up a small kiosk. Then I began working much more harder, and within time I opened up a mini-supermarket. Soon after, I worked a little harder and I opened up a supermarket. Now man of God, as we speak, I own 5 major supermarkets in the 5 major cities of this country! Man of God before you came and prayed for me, I had never been out of my village. But since you anointed my hands, in the past 2 years I have been to Dubai, I have been to China, I have been South Africa. I thank God for you. And not only that, you did not know but I was the one who paid your plane ticket to be able to come here again because I wanted others to experience what I experienced!!!”

Hallelujah is that not amazing! This woman, no one knew what the problem was but she had been carrying a curse of bad luck. A curse over the work of her hands, and that’s why when I anointed her as the Lord instructed me to do, that curse was broken and she began to prosper.

The Lord spoke to me that I need to pray for you and anoint your hands personally, just like I did this woman, so that every curse of bad luck can be wiped out of your life for good. You must prosper in this year, you must succeed in this year. What should have taken you 10 years you will do it in 10 weeks!NO MORE BAD LUCK! This is the month of Financial Miracles and I know your life will never be the same again in Jesus Name. Stay Blessed. – Bishop Climate Wiseman



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