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Your Appointed Time Is Here! – The Feast of Unleavened Bread Blessing #2! From Bishop Climate | Bishop Climate Ministries

Your Appointed Time Is Here! – The Feast of Unleavened Bread Blessing #2! From Bishop Climate

Dear Child Of God,  


For 430 years the children of Israel were enslaved in Egypt, unable to get free, unable to do anything for themselves. Yet the Bible tells us that at the end of 430 years, right down to the very day, God struck the Egyptians with a mighty hand and brought his people out from the land.  

My question is, why did it have to take so long? Why did they have to go through all that suffering and struggle for all those years? Why couldn’t God have delivered them before then? 

Why did God speak to Abraham hundreds of years before that and tell him exactly what was going to happen to his descendants? The time they were in bondage was not just some made up number, it had already been pre-appointed. No matter what they did, they were going to have to wait until their time came.

I learned this many years ago. You can go around being frustrated all you want, but if it’s not your appointed time then it doesn’t matter what you do. You might as well sit down and wait. 

When Abraham was getting frustrated because he had no children, God was getting ready to make a covenant with him. 

But he [Abram] said, Lord God, by what shall I know that I shall inherit it?And He said to him, Bring to Me a heifer three years old, a she-goat three years old, a ram three years old, a turtledove, and a young pigeon.And he brought Him all these and cut them down the middle [into halves] and laid each half opposite the other; but the birds he did not divide.And when the birds of prey swooped down upon the carcasses, Abram drove them away.(Genesis 15:8-11)

I see this is what happens in your life. Every time when God is getting ready to bring a great breakthrough on your way, the birds of prey will come and try to snatch it. At that moment when you are about to enter into a covenant with God, there are people that will come and try to poison your mind, birds of prey will manifest themselves as friends or family members, as people that you trust, even negative thoughts, and before you realise they cut you off. 

I see every time God is getting ready to show up in your life, there are birds of prey assigned to disconnect you so that you can miss your destiny. That is why you must fight back just like Abraham did. 

You ask me what am I talking about? Since we started talking about the Feast of Unleavened Bread, many have gotten offended wondering why they have to go without their favourite foods or why they have to give an offering. And instead of taking advantage of the opportunity that God has brought to them, they reject it out of ignorance.  

Today I received an email from one person ridiculing me and speaking evil when it comes to giving back to God’s work. 

To be honest, this is not anything new. I get a lot of emails and some of them are negative, it comes with the territory. It’s okay I understand it. But today when I read that email, I could sense the Holy Spirit was saddened. You know, it is this type of mentality that keeps people from leaving their Egypt. God is trying to bring you life and you just shut the door in His face. 

And thats why many never get there. The same people that will complain about giving to God, what they dont know is that there enemies are spending thousands to build demonic altars to destroy them. I mean using everything they have to stop their progress, in short “No expense spared”.

I know somebody who spent over $185,000 on a witchdoctor and was left crippled and bankrupt. But after connecting to this ministry and following a divine instruction from Prophet Climate, God restored him in 56 days. 

Yesterday I sent out an email asking everyone to send in their prayer request, but not everyone listened. Not everyone obeyed. This whole conference, this whole Feast of Unleavened Bread, it’s all about simple obedience that is going to birth powerful breakthroughs into your life. 

When God wanted to bring the children of Israel to take over Jericho, he didn’t tell them to start breaking down their walls. He just gave them a simple instruction to march around the city for 7 days and the walls would come down. I mean, how hard is that? And this week all God is asking is just for us to eat unleavened bread for the appointed time and to present our offering to Him. 

Child of God I feel so strong in my spirit, if you haven’t gotten on board yet, then please open up your eyes and wake up. 

When King Hezekiah sent a decree throughout the land of Israel inviting them back to Jerusalem to celebrate the Passover and Feast of Unleavened Bread, 90% of them ridiculed and mocked him, taking it as a joke. As a result they missed out on the biggest breakthrough that God was trying to bring into their lives while those who did obey ended up benefitting from the rewards. 

There are people complaining why are we asking for offering? Why are we trying to sell God’s power? 

Listen, don’t let your own foolishness blind you. The Bible says that my people perish for lack of knowledge.  

I ask you this, why is it so hard to give to God? Why do people get so offended when this topic comes up? We have no issue paying our bills, we buy new clothes for ourselves, we spend money on other people. Some have even spent thousands on psychics, witchdoctors and false prophets only to be disappointed and even their situation gets worse! But when a genuine proper Prophet of God proven by God like me asks you to give God your best, some take it as a joke and get offended. And yet that sacrifice is the gateway God intended to your blessing! 


There was an action required of the children of Israel before they could leave Egypt. They had to put their faith into action so that God could break the yoke of bondage. If that was not the case then there would be no need for Passover. But yet God required it once and every year after that forever.  

Listen, God has not changed. It’s only men that have become dull to his times and signs. And God is trying to wake you up! He wants to bring revival into your spirit. He wants to bring revival into your home; to your family; to your finances. He wants to bring you back to the path that He intended for you before the foundations of the world. But there is an action required. So stop being offended and thank God for this revelation before it’s too late. 


Because if you can fight off the birds of prey, child of God if you can overcome those battles that want to keep you from your destiny, then your appointed time will come. 

That is why every time when you are on the brink of breakthrough, there are birds of prey that manifest themselves as a setback, or as a friend, even somebody in the church, and all what they want to do is snatch that covenant in your life. As a result you keep finding yourself in the same situation year after year. But child of God, if you will just stand up and fight, I see out of that situation you are facing right now, a champion is about to be born.  

When Abraham fought off the birds of prey long enough, eventually they flew away, and that is when God began to reveal the appointed time for him and his descendants. He began to tell him what will happen to his descendants, how long they will endure it, and how God will bless them in the end.  

You must fight off your birds of pray that manifest themselves as negative thoughts, negative people that are ready to discourage you from connecting to this ministry. You have just like Abraham protect this Anointing at any cost for God is about to use this minstry to birth your greatest breakthrough . 

Child of God, I hear in my spirit that your Appointed Time to be free has come. Yes just like Moses, the appointed time is in your hands. You see for all those years the children of Israel were in bondage, but as the time drew near, up came Moses to deliver them. 

It’s not a coincidence you have tuned in this week, it’s not a coincidence you are reading this email, it’s not just by chance that God told me to hold this special Feast unto him this week. This is your appointed time. 

Yes, it’s your appointed time to come out of bondage. It’s your appointed time to be healed. It’s your appointed time to be a millionaire. It’s your appointed time to have a good marriage. It’s your appointed time to come out of every shame, every disgrace, every rejection! 

The time has come for you to leave your Egypt. That is why today we are going to activate the anointing of appointed time. You see, even when the appointed time has come, it still needs to be activated. It still needs to be triggered. And it is triggered by desire. Now all what you have to do is just to rise up and claim it. It’s your appointed time to come out of every long-term problem, to come out of every disgrace, to come out of every confusion.  

The phrase Appointed Time appears 30 times in the Bible; there are 30 promises associated with appointed time. 

You see Jesus never began his ministry until he was 30 years old. Joseph never became Prime Minister of Egypt until he was 30. David never became king until he was 30. The number 30 represents appointed time. 

That is why right now I need you to send me your Prayer Agreement Form for the areas that you need your Appointed Time to be activated over your life. As you do that, seal your faith with a seed of £30 or £300 according to the number 30. If God has blessed you, then give accordingly. Be like David. Don’t offer to God what costs you nothing. Remember, simple obedience will result into your breakthrough. As you do that I’m going to send you 18 Powerful Prayer Points To Activate The Anointing of Appointed Time Over Your Life!

Today as you activate the anointing of appointed time over your life, I see God blessing you in your destiny. I see Him blessing you so that you will know what to do and when to do it. I see every yoke you have been carrying being removed. I see every chains around your feet being broken. Yes, every chains that have tied your destiny are going to be released. As you activate this anointing of Appointed Time, I declare just like David, you will not miss your blessing. 


Yours In Prophecy 

Prophet Climate


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