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People Have Been Calling On The Names Of God And Receiving Breakthrough! Click Now I Have A Special Gift Just For You... | Bishop Climate Ministries

People Have Been Calling On The Names Of God And Receiving Breakthrough! From Bishop Climate

Dear Child Of God,

What an incredible journey it has been for the past 3 weeks. We finished up our Daniel Fasting with powerful prayers and a huge celebration as we feasted on meat. I hope you joined along with us at home if you were finishing up your fasting  too. 

For the past 21 days, we have explored the many names of God. Those that are common and those that are not so common. Those that are known by name, and those that are hardly ever spoken of. Surely the Word of God contains truths and treasures that have to be sought out, and that is what we were doing. But not only were we uncovering the names of God, but we were also putting into practice their uses in our lives and many lives have been touched and set free as a result. 

Here are just a few of the many Testimonies we have received throughout the Conference:


One woman suffered from incurable lung disease for years. In order to sustain her, she was required to visit the doctors every couple of months to receive heavy doses of medication. During the conference, she was due for another visit and the doctors were already planning to increase her medication due to the severity of her condition. But after learning about the names of God, she began to call upon God My Strength and The Lord that Heals. When she went back to the doctors and they checked her, they found that everything was clear and she was completely healed! They said in the report that it was not entirely clear what has caused this improvement, but everything had cleared up. She told them it is Jehovah that has done it!


One man had suffered a terrible plight due to his neighbour who had been practising witchcraft on him and his family. He used to have a very secure job working on an ocean liner. But when his neighbour asked him to lend him some money, everything began to go downhill. He ended up losing his job on the ocean liner and went to work for this same neighbour back home in India. Eventually, he moved to the UK, but because of the witchcraft that was being done against him, for 5 years he was unable to find even a single job. His daughter back home was sick and he tried everything he could to get some money to send back home to his family, but nothing was working out; his daughter was getting sicker and sicker. However, during the 21 Days Conference, something changed. After learning about the name of Jehovah Goeleck – God My Defense, he began calling on that name and praying the prayer points; he even sent the prayers to his family and instructed them to pray. Sure enough, Jehovah Goeleck came to his defence. The following day, that neighbour that had been causing trouble and grief for him and his family for all those years, was riding on a bike when he had a heart attack and fell over, dying instantly!!! For years that man’s destiny had been locked up, but after calling upon the name of God, all his enemies have been defeated! 


One woman decided to take time off from work to attend the conference. She only worked one day during the whole three weeks. Throughout the conference she was calling on Jehovah El Gamuwel, the God that Recompensates. When the time came to receive her salary, not only did her employer pay her for the time she had taken off, she received an even larger salary than ever before. She thanks God for rewarding her obedience. 


One woman’s son had been away from the church and it was really paining her heart. After learning about Jehovah Zakar – The God Who Remembers, she began calling His name asking God to remember her children. The next morning her son called and told her “Mommy, am fed up of this life, I’m coming back to church again” He came and stayed with her in the church for two days, helping her with all her duties. She thanks God for remembering her. 


One woman had a persistent enemy in her home which was always causing her appliances to break down and suffer damage. For two years her oven was not working and she could not afford to get it fixed. On one occasion she had come home to find that the electrical plugs to her washer and dryer had been cut and the machine was also blocked. This had been going on for a long time. During the conference, she came to learn about Jehovah Rapha the God that Heals, and that healing is not just for your physical body but anything in your life that needs healing. She began to call upon that name. The first day nothing happened, the second day nothing happened. But on the third day, she went to go and check and sure enough her washer and dryer began to work again. The following day she had a dream where she saw her entire kitchen filled with white appliances, everything was white and there was this clear beautiful water that was flowing out of them. When she woke up in the morning she went to go and check and the oven that had not been working for 2 years began to work again. 

I hope that you have been joining with us since the beginning of the month. You need these revelations for greater growth and success in your life this year. But I know sometimes it’s not always possible and that is why I want to offer you this special gift for a limited time only.

To get all of the teachings from the conference together will cost £100 But for the next 48 hours, I am offering it to you for FREE for your Love Offering of only £20 or more! I am also going to send you all of the prayers for each day so that you can pray along from home at your own pace. 

Child of God, there are 25 names of God in total that I want to share with you. Remember it is these same names and prayers that have caused the breakthroughs and testimonies you read up above. God is not a respecter of persons but a respecter of faith. As you tap into the same prayers and the same revelation knowledge, you are about to experience a similar testimony in your own life. Yes this year, let God show himself strong. 

The Bible says The name of the Lord is a strong tower. The righteous run into it and are safe. (Proverbs 18:10)

This year let the Name of God determine your outcomes. Let the Name of God God heal you. Let the Name of God fight your battles. Let the Name of God lift you up and grant you victory in Jesus name. Yes, there is a Name of God for every situation you are facing. No two names are the same. As you call upon the Name of God this year, I see you surpassing all your enemies. I see you overcoming every spiritual battle, every legal battle, every career battle, every marriage battle, every financial battle in Jesus name! – Arch Bishop Climate Wiseman

Here are just a few NAMES you will learn when you get This Special Names of God Gift Set

El Emunah – The Faithful God

El Hayyay – The God Of My Life

Jehovah Goelekh – God My Defense

Jehovah Maginnenu – The Lord Mighty In Battle

Jehovah El Gemuwal – The God That Recompensates

Jehovah Jireh – The God That Provides

Plus 19 More Amazing & Powerful Names of God!


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