The Names of God Day 17 Jehovah El Gemuwal The LORD GOD Who Will Compensate You…Click Now!

The Names of God Day 17 Jehovah El Gemuwal The LORD GOD Who Will Compensate You…Click Now! Read More From Prophet Climate & Join Us At 7PM For DAY 16 Of 21 Days Of Power!


Dear Child of God,

I want to share one important this that God spoke to me about you this year, is that you must fast & pray. You must do Daniel Fasting for 21 Days. You can start now if you haven’t already started. I want us to put our faith together for this year, as something great is about to happen in your life and it’s this year that God has chosen. 

As I was praying for Jehovah revealed to me that your season for payback has come. Yes, your season for what is due to you is here. Did you just hear what I just said? YOUR SEASON FOR WHAT IS DUE TO YOU IS HERE !!!!!


A man who has been experiencing, oppression and terrible persecution from his supervisor in his workplace yesterday downloaded the prayer points that I send yesterday and began to call the Name of Jehovah Makkeh. By the afternoon it was exposed that the manager was using a fake passport to work he was exposed and arrested. Police took him. 


Another Lady got a shocking bill a year ago after switching the phone company, the bill was mounting into hundreds. After going to court it was transferred to the creditors. with a high-interest rate, it becomes unbearable. After downloading the prayer points and calling upon the Name of  Jehovah Makkeh The God who smites, she received a phone from the credit company saying that it was an error and that they have been ordered to refund her all money she paid. 

 The name of the Lord is a strong tower; The righteous runs to it and is safe and set on high [far above evil].(Proverbs 18:10)

Today may those who are determined to keep you captive be exposed and destroyed in Jesus name.

Today I want to share with you another powerful Name of God – Jehovah El Gemuwal – The God who Compensates. 

This year I heard so clearly in my spirit that one of the major things that God is going to do in your life. Is to recompense you for all what has been taken away in your life.

The Lord will destroy Babylon; he will silence her noisy din. Waves of enemies will rage like great waters; the roar of their voices will resound. [56] A destroyer will come against Babylon; her warriors will be captured, and their bows will be broken. For the Lord is a God of retribution; he will repay in full. ( Jeremiah 51:55-56)

This year when you call the Name of Jehovah El Gemuwal I see God destroying all those people , all those things, all those powers, all those altars that have been robbing you, your Joy, all those powers that have been robbing you your finances. 

As you are reading this email I see the Anointing of Jehovah El Gemuwal demanding retribution on your behalf, I see some heavy payments coming to you. I see great relationships been restored in your life, By this Christmas, you will be complete. 

For the Lord has a day of vengeance, a year of recompense, for the cause of Zion. ( Isaiah 34:8) 

Did you hear that, this is your year of recompense? I see total restoration in your life beginning with your spiritual life. I have 14 Powerful Prayer point and Declarations that you must make before the end of the day Today.  Because of time I have also made available the special teaching from Tonight. I have shared powerful secrets on how to unlock supernatural Divine compensation over your life. With this knowledge, you are about to recover all whatsoever you have ever lost and you always want to get it back.

You will also receive the Keys on how to get something better than what you have lost before. You will discover that The Anointing of Jehovah El Gemuwal is all you need to be Happy and successful again. I need you to download your 14 Powerful Prayer Points and The Audio Teaching on the Anointing Of Jehovah El Gemuwal – The God Who Recompenses Me Now. 

P.S. During this 21 days of Fasting and Prayers I ask The Holy Spirit for 1000 Partners… who will Sow a daily special mission seed of £18.10  ( According to Proverbs 18:10) To help us in This Months  Conference Services Expenses. Will You Sow That Seed Today..?

When you Sow your Seed of £18.10, remember to request Your Gift of Appreciation, ” 14 Powerful Prayer Points and The Powerful Audio Teaching on the Anointing Of Jehovah El Gemuwal – The God Who Recompenses Me Now.  (AUDIO Mp3) 

Whatever Seed You Sow…It Will Unlock The Harvest God Has Promised You.

Thank You From My Heart..!

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Tonight we will be exploring the 17th Name of God! But First You Must Get These Powerful Prayer Points Before Tonight’s Service.  


Remember we are doing Daniel Fasting according to the book of Daniel 1:8-16 for 21 days straight. That means you can eat any time of the day but No Fish, No Sea Food, No Chicken, No Meat and no alcohol is Allowed. This is a Special Cleansing Fast that God has instructed me for us to do it at the beginning of this year. (And if you eat meat or consume alcohol by mistake you must begin the 21 day fasting all over again). 


1. There will be spiritual Clearance and Cleansing For 2018

2. Good Health, Every sickness and Diseases must leave your body (Healing for 2019)

3. Favour, Everywhere You Go. I see Favour and God’s Glory with you this year 

4. Divine Wisdom, Power and energy to accomplish all that you need to accomplish for 2019


Join with us for corporate fasting for the next 21 days and see what God is going to do in your life! Watch out for my Email tomorrow with special instructions on how you can participate in the First Day of the Conference. 



Yours in Christ Jesus,

Prophet Climate Wiseman

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