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Are you yearning to hear Gods Voice? Are you wanting something big to happen in your life? Do you want to experience a Supernatural Divine Encounter? Then this is for you! With this powerful teaching Bishop Climate releases a special word and gives Four essential key steps to experience a Supernatural Divine Encounter! 

Read this short testimony below;

I really thank God for Bishop Climate Ministries and The Kingdom Church, I was in arrears of over £600. When I eventually saved up and handed in the money the debt collectors ended up accessing it wrong. I had to have an interview where they would process it and I would have to bring all my documents. I remembered what the Man of God said and I prayed that angels will find me favour, I imagined that the building was filled with angels as I was praying. I prayed that my debt would be wiped clean from the system! and did what Bishop taught in the service which was as I prayed I believed that my answer was on the way. As I met with the accessor I used The Miracle Pen to sign the documents. The accessor began acting very strange! She was sweating and even ended up taking off her jacket. The accessor had to call her colleague over as the computer began wiping off the debt and the system crashed. As she was getting frustrated she quickly signed my documents and I left. Now I’ve received a letter saying the money has been paid in full! Thank you Bishop for this powerful teaching!

Already people are experiencing results! These four simple steps are the keys in receiving Divine Supernatural Encounters, in all areas of your life! If you want Angels to go forth on your behalf and your believing for something to take place in your life use this four steps!

Step 1 – Desire

Step 2- Faith

Step 3 – Believe that all things are possible!

Step 4 – Take Action!

It’s very important to complete these four steps as without them it will not work. Listen as Bishop Climate breaks down the four steps so you can experience your personal divine encounter! Don’t Delay purchase The Supernatural Divine Encounter ‘Anointing of Feet’ Miracle Service Teaching Now for the special price of £4.99!


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