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……Read This Powerful Testimony From Last Night’s Super Sunday….!

” I  thank God for The School of Healing & Deliverance Service! I was here this Friday gone. For so long I’ve been struggling as since 2008 I could only walk short distances and end up passing  urine. I would even have to use incontinence pads. On Friday when you called for people who believed God for a miracle, Bishop you explained what the root of the problem was and laid hands on me. Since then no more urination or incontinence pads has been needed. I even slept for the whole night without having to get up to take multiple trips to the toilet. I Thank God for this miracle!” – S.N, London 

Hi Church,

Keep sharing your powerful testimonies of the amazing things God is doing in your life. Today I want to share something with you. So many of us want to know what is our calling..? Every once in a while we want God to talk to us and for Him to personally reveal himself, with all his signs and wonders. When I wanted God to reveal himself to me, I prayed and fasted as I wanted God to appear to me physically. At that time I wasn’t ready and realised that I just had to be a respecter of faith and believe when I hear him speaking to me. Since then I have had many encounters, but I want you to know that God doesn’t have to appear to you in the flesh, just for you to know that you’ve heard from Him. Get ready because God is about to reveal himself to you and Instead of landing into hands that will tear you down, today you will be led into hands of value. Today I will share with you the five ways God can reveal to you, your future! This week kneel down and pray ask God to Reveal Himself as the bible says ask and you shall be given. I look forward to seeing you all this Wednesday as the powerful Unforgettable Woman Conference Kicks off with myself, Dr Jennifer Irungu and our powerful guest speakers. Get ready as your life will never be the same again! Remain Blessed – Bishop Climate Irungu

Five Ways God Reveals Future To Mankind:

1.) Divine Visitation – Exodus 3:1-10 (KJV)

2.) Dreams – 1 kings 3:5 & 1 kings 3:15 -28 learn to activate your dream sow seeds that the dream will be bought into activation. Bring God your offering.

3.) Strong Desire – (Psalms 37:4 KJV) this string desires that have been instilled in your heart. You may desire to be a doctor to be married to be a millionaire but the devil may have come and messed you up but today your desire will be bought to life.if you have a desire don’t give it up follow your desire what did you desire when you was child? It’s not too late it’s still possible

4.) Inspiration – Sometimes we need someone else to inspire us so that we can look up to them so that we can follow in there footsteps. God will bring people into your life who you love and respect even people up mentor you to inspire you.

5.) Divine Guidance – This point of guidance can be from your Man or Women of God someone who spiritually is guiding you into the right direction.

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**EVENT ALERT** 2 Days To Go! Get Ready For Unforgettable Woman International Conference Nov 20th – 24th 2013! Join us with Bishop Deborah Belton (USA), Rev Lucy Muiru (Kenya) and Apostle Helen Saddler (USA)This will be five jam packed days filled with worship, workshops, special performances, A 5 star Unforgettable Dinner and more! If you cant attend in person join our online family at at our service times (posted further in this blog.)

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This Week At TKC London 18th November – 24th November 2013!

Tonight at TKC London! Kingdom Men & Kingdom Women at 6:30PM! Come socialise and connect with and hear teachings of the Word. Bring your friends and family members along too!

Tomorrow we have our TKC Holy Ghost Gym at 8pm for all our Kingdom Church Members come exercise, learn new healthy tips for the week and come and be refreshed and revived in the house of God!

Join us Wednesday 20th November at 7pm For our Opening Conference Word Service! This is the time to hear the word from dynamic speakers and more!

This Thursday 21st November at 7pm is a special Conference Workshop!

Friday 22nd November Join us for our Word Service filled with many Special Performances! The Kingdom Church London is the place to BE! Join us for this fantastic service. 

Saturday 23rd November Join us for our 5 star Unforgettable Dinner 7pm – 11pm at The Kingdom Church London! “He welcomes me to his banqueting table and his banner over me is love. I’m sitting in his desired shade and his fruit is lovely to eat and everyone can see how much he loves me. (Song of Sol 2:3-4) Make sure you attend this fantastic Evening! 

Sunday 24th November Join us at for our Grande Finale to The Unforgettable Woman Conference 

8-9AM it’s Morning Glory! Join us and start this special early morning service to start your Sunday in prayer!

11AM – 2:30PM Word Service: Come and attend this fantastic family service filled with special performances and more! Come hear the word from international dynamic woman speakers! Become an Unforgettable Woman!

3PM – 6PM Miracle Service:– As the conference comes to end attend this powerful service which will be filled with Unforgettable Woman & Men! Partake in this special anointing and walk into your destiny!

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