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And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land, and the waters were divided. ( Exodus 14:21) 

Do you feel as if your back is against the wall ? Do you feel trapped in life, Have you run out of option  ? does your enemies think that they Got you where they wanted to ? do you feel that you are bout to lose the most important thing on your life ? Do you feel as if all hope is gone ? Last night the Lord revealed to me about your situation, that your options are running out and you feel cornered , But I came to let you know that as you read this email I hear a east wind blowing on your direction, Its the wind of favour , Its the wind of financial breakthrough , Its the wind of help and happiness , its the wind that will break the barrier between you and your destiny and bury all your problem, Yes your sea of trouble is about to Go backward and you are going to move forward .  5 Keys to experience breakthrough Today .

  1. Move forward  – don’t give up on your life , don’t give up on your self . Even when things seems so tight , keep on praying , Keep on fasting, Keep on giving and sowing seed. Yes work on your Image . Don’t allow depression to clothe you with a garment of laziness and stagnation . Make that phone call, make that contact, work on your image, step out and meet new people , put that idea you have been shelving into action, attend a new seminar , make use of free courses , pursue that career 
  2. Stretch your Hand :– have faith in God , put your faith in action by expecting God to do wonders in your life , have hope have trust in Him 
  3. Be Patience :- God is not subject to time, he knows what is good for you , there many things that he must move on your way so you should never stumble again, yes there is a east wind blowing , it took God all night to open up the Red sea. Your prosperity may be progressive brick upon brick , celebrate the little things that God is doing in your life and suddenly all things will add up for Good .
  4. Cross your sea:- Every Long journey begins by a single step , you must make a move once everything opens up dont allow proscrianation  to hinder your , there are seasonal miracles for a specific season, Cross your Red Sea . Because once the door is open , the Ice will begin to melt. Move at any cost , But extra strength , Extra Push , walk quicker , work harder you must cross your sea now.

I want you to join me in London in person this Evening or via our web broadcast , I want you to bring or email me 11 things that you want God to blow the East wind  against . I believe that mountain must move today , I believe your Miracle is Just around the Corner .

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God Bless you From 

Bishop Climate  

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