No Legal Aid Or Solicitor But Case Dismissed..How? Find Out Today Who You Want To Be!


………Read This Powerful Testimony Shared On Sunday!………

I received miracle money earlier last year when a large sum of money was transferred into my account. Now the company where the transaction by error took place, decided that they wanted to try to take me to court. I tried to get legal aid but couldn’t receive any. I decided to attend deliverance and attend every fire service so that every issue with my legal situation would be cancelled. Bishop instructed me to get the court case oil and to prepare myself, I just knew in my heart that God would hear me and answer. I also used the miracle soap, favour lotion and court case oil to prepare myself. I looked at myself each morning in the mirror and declared you are going to get your victory. Even though I spoke it over myself, I still didn’t even know how I was going to overcome this situation, especially without any legal aid or solicitor. On the day of me going to court I ran out of options, I had no legal aid or solicitor and the time was ticking for me to see the judge. But when I entered the courtroom. I felt that there was peace as I took my seat. The Lord told me to speak to the judge it was only the two of us in the room, I knew God was there in the midst with me. The Judge and myself were talking for some time and I had some time left to state my case to him! He was very kind and even offered some encouraging words of support and told me not to worry. Even when the company turned up late to court he told them to leave! Within a few weeks a letter was sent to me saying that the Judge has decided to dismiss the case! Now I’m still living debt free and now I’m living in peace! Ms P.A, London


Hi Church, hope your enjoying your week. I’ve been thinking about the powerful testimonies shared at The Kingdom Church on Sunday especially the one above. It’s great to see how people are led by the holy spirit to continue to push forward, extend there faith, whilst having no fear in there circumstances. We as people, tend to be moved when hard times come, we begin to fear and question God and say “why is this happening to me?” “Maybe this is Gods way of saying its not for me.” We need to stand still and hold firm to God’s word. We are his and he wants the best for us. Many Christians tend to think that God intends a life for us to be broke and in pain so that we can remain humble. Child of God this is not the will of God, Its not what He intends. The God we serve wants us to be prosperous and He wants us to finish well. We need to change our mind-sets and believe that we serve a God of the impossible, we serve a God who performs miracles, a God of wonders. I want to be with servants of God who are fearless and persistent who are not taking no for an answer to push forward to where God wants you to be. I don’t want to accept my circumstances and let them dictate my future. So the question is who do you want to be? Make that decision today and choose to Build Prosper and finish well in everything you do.

– Bishop Climate Irungu


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    Hello sir, I am chuks from nigeria,I am so stirup with miracles testimonies ur members saying. I want to be a partaker of that miracle so pray for me to receive my visa to uk

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