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Got Enemies? …. Then You Need to Read This Prophetic Word From Bishop Climate | Bishop Climate Ministries

Got Enemies? …. Then You Need to Read This Prophetic Word From Bishop Climate


Dear Child of God, 


“Bishop, I just want to thank God for your life. You are an extraordinary man of God and I thank God that I met you. Since you started holding the Fire Service, God has been doing amazing things in my life.

I have a brother back home in Zimbabwe who I raised like a son. I spent so much money educating him and looking after him since he was a small boy. Sometime last month, I called home to see how he was doing, and my family told me that he went to live with a witch doctor. He said that he believed he needed to go and join the council of witches! I was so worried Bishop I didn’t know what to do. I found out that it was my brother in law who was behind all of this, so I brought his name and put it in the Fire during the last two services.

After that I received a phone call that my brother had returned. He said how he was being tormented living at that place where he was staying with the witches. He couldn’t sleep and had no peace, he knew he had to get out. When he returned home he was asking for help to burn the clothes that he received from the witchdoctor, for he was given special garments to wear. My brother was just asking for my forgiveness, that he would never do something like that again!

Oh I thank God Bishop my family is whole again. Thank you man of God for this revelation about the fire Service, I am looking forward to the next one!”



“Hi Bishop,

I just want to thank God for your life for this Fire Service. Bishop I had a friend that suddenly began cursing me, she even told me personally that I better watch out because bad things were going to start happening to me. So I brought her name and put them in the fire during a previous service. A month later, that same woman was arrested and put in prison. She had been charged with staying in this country illegally as she was using dead people’s papers. When that lady got out of prison, she returned home to find that her husband had ran away with another woman.   

Also Bishop, there was a couple from back home in Zimbabwe. They were in the government and were using their authority to torment my family and I for years. Many times they tried to hinder me and my children from coming to this country, and even after being here many years with my citizenship, they still tried calling the home office in the UK to try and have me deported, saying that I was an illegal immigrant. They really caused so much trouble for my family and I don’t know why.

But Bishop I also brought their names to the Fire Service. As you always tell us to write the names of our enemies down, if they are innocent God will spare them but if they are against us and the plans of God for our lives, then God will be able to deal with them.

Bishop a couple of months after I put this couple’s name in the fire, I was checking online to read the local news from Zimbabwe. Suddenly I saw a headline about this couple. This powerful couple that everybody knew was now gaining publicity due to their marriage falling apart, the article said that they had lost everything. Now they had lost all their influence in the government. Shortly after that, my aunt called me and also confirmed who was behind all my trouble.

Bishop I just want to say thank you. God tells us that vengeance is the Lord’s, and what other way for God to get glory by showing people not to touch his favoured ones. Thank you Bishop!”


Do you have a list of things are hindering your progress or enemies that you would like God to deal with? They could be physical names, spiritual elements, financial battles, emotional struggles, health issues, etc. Write all the names of your enemies, bring a copy of those bills or documents personally, I want you to experience the power of God in your life. This is a MUST attend service: if you live far, email them to me and Join us Live on your phone or Computer. I want to print them off and put them in the fire personally for you. Or you can just call: I have prayer warriors ready to pick up your call and take your prayer request and write it down.

Heb 12:29 “Our God is a consuming fire”. Since we introduced the Fire Service at The Kingdom Church, hundreds have been experiencing powerful testimonies of God revenging their enemies and fighting their battles. Anyone or anything that is not for you is against you, and against the plans of God for your life. 

If you are ready for God to intervene into your life and situation, I want you to attend this service. Come and hear testimonies, come and see and experience the fire service. If you live far and you know for sure you cannot be here physically then respond this email with your list of enemies and problems to seal the deal. God knows your heart and he will hear all your prayers.  And at the same time I want you to give God an offering as you come in agreement with him to destroy all your enemies. Amen – Bishop Climate Wiseman





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  1. John Kamau Mwangi

    Kindly pray for me my areas of intervention are relationship commitment to marriage,financial breakthrough & my trip to ireland.I feel there’s something that’s holding Gods purpose for my life.I need prayers to put away that chain in to the bottomless pit.Let Gods plan into go on without any hinderance in Jesus Mighty name Amen!

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