Prophetic Secret Revealed Inside..Today Ask Yourself Are You A Carrier of Good News?

Prophetic Secret Revealed Inside..Today Ask Yourself Are You A Carrier of Good News!


Hi Child of God,

Wow did you watch the testimony above..? Today I need you to celebrate it and tap into this anointing that is here! So much Good News is spreading here at not only TKC but throughout Bishop Climate Ministries. Already testimonies are coming in filled with good news and I celebrate them all. It doesn’t matter how big or small it is, as I have decided to make that choice to be a carrier of good news. You may be thinking Man of God, what is a carrier of Good news? How do I become one..?

(Proverbs 15:30 NIV) “ Light in a messenger’s eyes brings joy to the heart and good news gives health to the bones.

Today I am going to share with you a prophetic secret of being a carrier of Good news. To become a carrier of Good news is just by making the simple choice to do so. Once you have decided that you are a Carrier of Good news, you will not want any bad news, negativity, gossip, hate and even jealousy to surround you. Now, this doesn’t exempt you from challenges but what it does is, when you make that choice your faith is always being lifted every day. As you become a carrier of good news, solutions to the problems that your facing,  must flow to you. Every bad news must turn into something positive and carrier’s of good news always speak good things. They do not allow their circumstances to dictate their mission to bring good news to themselves or even others.


I know that if your reading this mail today you must be a carrier of good news. Today I want to prophesy some blessings into your life of being a carrier of good news. From today every step that you take is going to be filled with good news. These lepers were waiting outside there were even fed with ropes. The Lepers were rejected, people. In your life, you may have a spirit of leprosy over your finances, over your success, over your health. Don’t be discouraged as this week just like those lepers you are going to take a step of faith. This week as I have been praying for you I have seen you being filled with a new desire and with this desire as you step out in faith, I believe you will receive good news. This good news will spread wide. Today I want to put you to the test….

Whatever piece of Good news you have received today and this week so far I want you to celebrate the person who shared the news who you and I want you to celebrate if you have received Good news yourself. And to celebrate it’s simple to rejoice with the person, be happy for their good news begin to thank God for the Good news that you have received and watch and see that Good News be transformed into more miracles in your life. I pray that you will successfully pass this test as there are many blessings in being a carrier of good news. This week there are 7 powerful blessings of good news reaching you. They may be opportunities they may be reconnections, restorations or it may be miracle money whatever good news you receive this week small or big celebrate it with you. Once you become a carrier of good news your diet changes, your dressing changes, your mindset changes. Watch and see and you begin to make this simple shift in choosing to be a carrier of good news more miracles are going to work itself to you. More miracles are going to align itself with you. Just like glue good news of favour, good news of blessings, good news of miracles are about to become attached to you. Amen  Stay blessed – Prophet Climate 



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