You Must Pass Through The Valley of Baca



Dear Faithful Saint,

Do you feel that sometimes when trouble or problems comes it gets worse with each second? Lets be honest it is inevitable that at some point trouble and problems will arise in life.  When they do arise they just become harder and difficult to solve with each hour or day.  Basically there is no end to the situation and often people think and eventually end up giving up.  This is called the Valley of Baca or valley of weeping and mourning (Psalms 84:6).

On Sunday, the man of God Bishop Climate taught us that when you walk through the valley of Baca, journeys are prolonged and take longer to finish.  He described Baca as a “valley where the further you go the more dangerous the terrain becomes and you end up turning back”.  He added that “Baca causes delays, short journeys become long journeys”. For example a journey of 15 minutes in the Valley of Baca will become 30 years. In short what should take you 3 months ends up taking you 2 years.

But the Man of God released a prophetic word that your season has come for you to pass through the valley of Baca, where others have failed you will succeed. You are anointed to succeed and be great. God has bigger plan for you, you will succeed this time! In a short time God will visit you, in a short time you will flourish again, in a short time you will see open doors.

As people anointed themselves with anointing oil, many fell under the anointing as they were released from the valley of Baca.

You may be in the valley of Baca right now but Don’t give up! There are situation and problems that despite all our efforts we still find it difficult to breakforth. Thats why we must tap in the supernatural ability that will enable us to do what we could not do with our natural ability. Its the anointing to suceed and be great!

Today you can begin to tear those walls of delays, denial and disappointment out of your way. Today you can begin your journey of success. Today you can claim that place of history in your Family, in your Career, in your Relationship, in your Neighbourhood as the one who crossed the Valley of Baca and changed it from a genarational curse to a Generational blessing.

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You need to tap into this anointing because it’s everlasting and every evil situation will be turned into a good situation.  As the Man of God prophesised where your enemies expect you to turn back in the valley of Baca you will progress to the end of valley.  Instead they will see you moving from strength to strength, favour to favour, promotion to promotion and miracle to miracle as illustrated by Bishop Climate (Psalms 84:7).

The days of struggling are over, begin a new day with a new journey moving to better situations. I am looking forward to see you at the next Miracle Service is on Friday at 7:30pm and Sunday at 2:30pm.  Invite family or friends for this is always a great occasion for the whole family.

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  1. Hello Bishop, This is Rosalyn Jennings, from the Power of Forgiveness Show. I have not heard from you. Contact me at

  2. Amen bishop. Wil pass through this valley of baca in Jesus name

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