With Less Than An Hour To Go…..GET READY For The Fire To Burn!

………Read This Powerful Fire Testimony Below!…….

” I have suffered for years, family members were treating me badly, even my own mother was using witchcraft against me! My brother had physically beaten me up and the father of my children was treating me like a nobody, even using voodoo on me. I felt so worthless and desperate I didn’t know what to do. I discovered the Fire Service I believed that God would stop and deal with my tormentors. You Man of God asked all our viewers who are far away to call in with names and email their red letters, so I called the Prayer Centre and I believed in the power of agreement and sowed a Seed and put all the names of my enemies in the Fire. Suddenly, I began to notice bad things happening to those people in my life. Within the same week, my mother suddenly fell on the ground and had a concussion and had to be rushed to the hospital, nobody even knew where she was, and now she has been crying that her marriage is in shambles. My brother who beat me up in the past was beaten so badly that he has been calling me for support. And now my children’s father had a best friend who was so influential in his life that suddenly the man dropped dead. I thank God that finally justice is being served! And for the first time in my life I have peace and can think properly. Thank God for the fire service and for your life Man Of God.” A.B (North America)

Tired of always being on the losing end? Does it seem like no matter what you do, you just can’t win?

God wants to fight your battles, He wants you to let Him avenge for you (Hebrews 10:30). If you are doing anything for God; trying to make progress in life; be successful, for your family, your children, or your future, then you are going to have enemies. Jesus said it himself that we would have trouble in this earth, but that it wouldn’t overcome us if we trusted in Him because He has already overcome. We are to trust God to deal with our enemies.

Perhaps you have a physical enemy, or it may even be a spiritual, emotional or financial enemy.  They could be physical names, spiritual elements, financial battles, emotional struggles, health issues, etc. Write all the names of your enemies, bring a copy of those bills or documents personally, I want you to experience the power of God in your life. Many have even put copies of their outstanding bills/debts into the fire and testified how God has begun cancelling them as they put their faith in him.

Heb 12:29 says that “Our God is a consuming fire”. Since we introduced the Fire Service at The Kingdom Church, lives have been changed miraculously as God intervenes and fights on their behalf. 

If you are ready for God to intervene into your life and situation, this is a MUST ATTEND service. Come and hear testimonies, come and see and experience the fire service. If you live far and you know for sure you cannot be here physically then you can watch us live via online at www.bishopclimate.tv

Make sure you email prophecy@bishopclimate.org with your list of enemies and problems to seal the deal. I want to print them off and put them in the fire personally for you. Or you can just call: I have prayer warriors ready to pick up your call and take your prayer request and write it down. God knows your heart and he will hear all your prayers.  And at the same time I want you to give God an offering as you come in agreement with him to destroy all your enemies. Many of you are abroad and have been participating for months now. I have been printing all your prayer requests off each month and putting them in the fire. I want to encourage you to be faithful, keep writing out your prayer requests and keep sowing your seed of faith as you come in agreement with God. Surely God will turn things around for you. 

This woman thought that nobody would ever pay for all the bad things that happened to her, but as she obeyed the instructions about the Fire Service, God began to intervene. Now it’s your turn!

To sow your seed now, You can call our prayer warriors at UK: +44 207 738 3668 or North America: +1 732 444 7074

or To Sow your Special SEED Quick & Easy click here to use Paypal:For UK : CLICK HERE

For North America: CLICK HERE

If you can’t attend in person, please tune in live at 8PM GMT or 3PM EST at www.bishopclimate.tv.

Unable to attend or watch us online? Order one of our recent services in MP3 Download here: http://bishopclimate.me/products/Destroying-the-Root-of-your-Problems.-%22Fire-Service%22

NOTE: If you are planning on attending in person, please bring your list with you on a physical piece of paper.  

Also Head over to our TKC Online Bookstore Click Here To Purchase The Miracle Pack Which Is Birthing Many Powerful Testimonies Around The World! 

Weekday Schedule Friday 30th August – 1st September 2013

Tonight Watch Our Powerful Fire Service From 8pm Live Via www.bishopclimate.tv

Tomorrow Join us for our 3am Prayer and Deliverance Service! This is the strategic time for prayer and deliverance breaking every chain of every area of your life and making you meet your breakthrough. 


8-9AM it’s Morning Glory,

9-10AM Prophetic Hour with the man of God – no appointment needed, just be sure to turn up early,

11AM Word Service: – Is spiritual growth your purpose? Do you want to live a successful and winning lifestyle? Do you want to be a disciple of Jesus? Then Come hear the word, Grow and glow spiritually!

3PM Miracle Prophetic Service:– Are you believing God for a quick breakthrough, Personal word of Knowledge? Do you want to face Monday with a High gear , full of energy and power? Are you looking forward for a quick impartation? Then this service is for you.

Remain Blessed,

Bishop Climate & Bishop Climate Ministries Team 

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