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Dear Reader, 

As the miracle pool kicks of this Friday 5/5/2017 I wanted to share with you this video testimony from last years Miracle Pool. The lady that you see on that video standing with me received a powerful Job after dipping her CV or Resume on the Miracle Pool, This Friday she will be one among Thousands of people who will be celebrating a year of miracles in their life after actively participating on the Miracle pool, and guess what this year its amazing the Miracle pool is on the 5th of 5th month of years 2017. On Friday tomorrow I will be explaining what this means. Listen this Friday you could be one of people who qualify for a special miracle. Yes I have a strong feeling all you need is to act now.  


One thing that I know is that by watching these testimonies get me excited!  and i know it will build your faith, I know that even more incredible testimonies are coming your way! One thing is for sure you don’t have nothing to lose! 


One thing is for certain once you come in contact with The Miracle Pool favour will be drawn to you! Testimonies will flow to you and your life will be transformed. Miracles will begin to appear in each day and all you to do is boost your faith and believe.


Acts 10:34-35 NIV: ” Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons:  But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him.” 


Yes this May is the month of mighty miracles and during this month I want you to use the hashtag #MayMonthOfMiracles as you come in agreement with me I believe you will be able to experience freedom in every area of your life. I see you becoming stronger and stronger, healthier and wealthier in Jesus name. Your destiny is unstoppable this month!


You’ve seen and heard the incredible testimonies and miracles that have been birthed just by entering the Miracle Pool.

So I want you to make extra effort You must reply to the prophetic letter that I send you yesterday or the one that I will resend later today, you must follow the instruction, because remember that God will never advance you beyond your last point of obedience.

I must receive your prayer request at least 6pm tomorrow  Friday (5/5/2017) .I want your prayer request to the first one. Fill your details below to receive you Free prophet Word For The Month Of May. Also To Receive Your Miracle Pool Prayer Agreement Form. 

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Yours In Christ

Prophet  Climate 

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