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Hi Readers! Today brings another topic that I will be sharing which is Vision! What is a Vision? A Vision is a desired future, an invisible seed that God has planted into our hearts. Recently Bishop Climate has been preaching about the different types of visions that a person can acquire. Jeremiah was born with a version but also Bishop taught further about how some people are not born with a vision but they can be vision builders, vision borrowers and also vision buyers. God gives us a vision, and then he takes us down to the valley, to batter us into the shape of that vision. It is in the valley that so many of us give up and fail, but with every God given vision it takes patience for it to become real. God waits for the right time for Him to trust us with the vision that he has for our lives. Ever since we were given our vision by God, he is always in work in order to perfect what he has in stored for you which is why it is always important to meditate on your vision and having confidence in it. (Hebrews 10:35.) Having confidence in your vision and God as (Hebrews 10:35) says “So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.” God has a purpose and a reason for why he has given you that vision and it is also important for you as a child of God to have faith and confidence in him being able to meditate on his word and your vision preparing yourself for what you are about to posses! so know that “Every long journey begins with a small step.” Be bold and courageous, having faith in the Lord on what He has blessed you with and what is coming your way. God will give you a vision but for us as the child of God, and as Joshua 1:8 says, it’s your job and task to make yourself prosperous as you meditate on your vision. Have a great day! – Cecilia K, – TKC Writer

Hi Church,

Having a vision is so important and many of us lose focus and give up and never realise that a vision can shape and mould your life. This week I have been sharing about getting yourself out of the desert and moving the mountains in your life. But you also need your vision which is your focus, a target to keep fixed upon. Ask yourself today what is my vision? As Cecila shares above about a vision being a desired future, it is an invisible seed that God has planted into your heart. Child of God this is your time and as your entering a new season as you wait upon the Lord today and delight yourself in him, He will give you the desires of your heart. (Psalms 37:4) He is waiting to bless you. Today I see favours and breakthrough aligned for you. Today I decree divine arrangements to work for your advantage. Today I declare that your Star will shine! Today you will win! Today you will be refreshed! Today you will be connected to your vision and to your destiny! (Isaiah 30:18). If you feel that there are obstacles and set backs and your not seeing results then join me for The Fire Service tomorrow and throw every spirit of delay, confusion and torment into the fire. Tomorrow you will be connected to your vision and your destiny! Amen – Bishop Climate Irungu 

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  1. jacqueline hopkins

    Hello Man of God, Im asking for prayer for my 16 year old son Jacquen Hopkins, the devil trying to stop his purpose to come to pass. he is a star player on the basketball and football team, we fighting against jealous sprint with the parents and players so the coach is trying to stop him he has hurt his right knee but im asking for hearling for both of his knees in the name of of Jesus!!! No devil in hell will stop what God has Jacquen Hopkins In name of Jesus what evil spoken word or plot trying to come against jacque  hopkins i send it back to pit of hell to die by fire inthe name of jesus!!!!!!!!! i plea the blood of Jesus over jacquen Hopkins. thank you so much keep Hopkins family in prayer jacqueline Hopkins…

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