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Want To Know How He Received Miracle Money? How To Apply Prophetic Blessings Over Your Life! From Bishop Climate | Bishop Climate Ministries

Want To Know How He Received Miracle Money? How To Apply Prophetic Blessings Over Your Life! From Bishop Climate


Read This Amazing Testimony & Prophetic Word From Bishop Climate

Dear Man of God Bishop Climate, Praise The Lord! Alleluia! Please allow me to give a bold testimony. Yesterday I called the 24 hour Prayer line and was talking to one of the Pastors on the phone and the Pastor was strongly talking to me about the importance of Tithing. I would always use the excuse and say that as soon as I get paid I am left with nothing to pay my Tithes .  The Pastor prayed for me over the phone and at that time in my bank account I only had 6 dollars. The following morning I felt to check my bank account something which I do not usually do and I found there was $206.51 in my bank account! Praise God I ordered Miracle Pack and when I received it I sprinkled my son with the Miracle Water and that week he was promoted to Vice Captain at his high school. God is doing so many wonders in my life. I sowed the seed and paid $126 and also paid my Tithes of $112 . I am just so excited that I received Miracle Money! I’ve made a vow that I will continue to sow $43 every fortnight in Jesus name! Stay blessed. – Mr V.M Sydney, Australia

I hope you are all having a blessed week. For those who joined me on FB for a group discussion it was a great session of wisdom and insightful information and that we all shared together. I’m looking forward in having more of these discussions so stay tuned!  So many testimonies are pouring in like the one above. Its so powerful when the saints rise up and activate there faith and there present circumstances don’t move them. Its a key example of how declaring and activating these prophetic blessings over your life, just like this testimony shows the principle of blessing number 9.  and confess these 10 prophetic blessings daily. Remain blessed. – Bishop Climate Wiseman


 Part 2 Prophetic Key Blessings – I will Build I will Prosper and I will finish Well (Mat 17:7 KJV)

Blessing 6 – Family Unity & Deliverance – This coming week your family will come together there will be unity in the family. Lift up your eyes Believe and receive that your family will be close like never before anyone who have forsaken you will return. (Isaiah 60:4)

Blessing 7 – You will see bigger things and your heart will except it. (Isaiah 60:5) you are going to see bigger things that your heart is going to sweet with joy

Blessing 8 – The Wealth Of The Wicked. The wealth of the wicked is going to come to you, wherever internationally near and far, money and wealth coming from every corner. People are going to come to you. You will build you will prosper and you will finish it

Blessing 9 – As a result of many blessings you will be giving God Big offerings. There should be one thing you ask that you want God to bless you so much more That you will give more. While God increases your land may you be thankful, give him praise and give more. Big blessings are coming so you can give big offerings (Isaiah 60:6)

Blessing 10 – No more useless children! The days of having useless children are over. God will turn your children around they will no longer be useless they will become the best and I command there star to shine. Prophecy over your Children they will be flying back to their nests like a dove in style. (Isaiah 60:8) believe as they will be saved delivered and will never stray away from God they will Be holy and productive they’ll be coming back as great people they be coming back loaded and as millionaires! For he has endowed you in splendor…(Isaiah 60:9 KJV)




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  1. I need ur prayer in every area of my life

    • Many thanks May God bless you and lift you up , I Declare unlimited favours over your life and destiny

      • Bishop climate, please pray for me to unlock my blessings, to bind all territorial spirits in the land I’m live. Amen

        • Pray for me that my boyfriend come back to me.I never heard from him in a month.every time he is tired up.my God open his mind & heart to remember me I really miss him.

      • I need miracle money in my account now it seems like this money problem never ends

      • Man of God please pray for me I need money to run my business urgent please

      • Dear Man Of God,i need miracle on my account,i need money to pay a rent cause if doesnt pay i wil live in the street please God help me ,im in dark,im struggling,my life is very difficult,no job ,no money ,no bright future. Please God open the door.Pastor please pray for me i think can i kill my self.please help me! Amen!

      • Hello Bishop, I’m Yakina and I need your advice about what I need to do because government officials have been with holding my disability benefits and my kid’s benefits for seven years and it’s creating hardship.

      • Man of God please pray for me. I need money to pay off my debts and to further my education.
        I need marriage.
        I need promotion.
        I need money for my business.

    • Please call our 24 hour prayer lines so that one of our prayer warriors can speak with you find the contact info you need here Remain blessed http://bishopclimate.org/locations.aspx

    • Bishop please pray for me to get a job .I sleep with empty stormark .My children stay at home becouse I have no money to pay university .please Bishop help me yup help many people why me.

    • Elizabeth Blache

      Dear bishop , please prayer with me , and for me , I have the guy I lived with for 2years and the court technically had him removed from my home because of his alcoholic behavior , now he want me to pay him $15,000 for the time he spent sharing his time and money in the home (labour) I need money for my self and lately its been hard I need your help , I know you are an anointed man of god and you have helped many people , I’m from Trinidad and Tobago and I also know there’s no distance in prayer so thank you in advance .

    • I need your prayer. Pray that Kingsley my boyfriend be blessed financially and also let God strengthen our relationship

  2. Please help me pray for the lords will to be done in my life and foa financial miracle so as to go back to my homeland zimbabwe.I am in a foregn land without proper documents.

  3. Please pray for a miracle everything is falling apart i need money to pay the loansharks it hard for me i wish to kill myself but ive got children who they need me.thanks

  4. Fear not , God will grant you favour I have a prophetic word for you according to Deut 6:10

  5. Hello,please pray for me,i need a financial breakthrough today,right now,i lost everything,i miss keshia and the kids! i have no nothing,no car,no money,i am looking,praying,and believing god,in the name of jesus, god my family needs you,Save us,please god,send prosperity,healing and restoration and peace,please god help now,I pray for all 3john 2,thank you

  6. Hello Bishop climate i want to thank God for this year 2015 i am hopeing this year will be the year for my favours and blessings and transformation.Bishop i want to have a success full blessed life and also to bless others that is my prayer and help those are needy of help please remember me in prayer at work and my family to have peace and joy.

  7. bishop climate i need your help…things are not going wel at all via financially and emotional…

  8. bishop i need you to pray for me..i need a husband who will merry me and take a good care of me.

  9. bishop things s not going well im having fancially problems …im in need of cash on monday and im in need of job as soon as possible…help bishop im at south africa

  10. Hello Bishop climate,
    I am so happy to get in touch with someone like you, you have been a blessing to my life and always wish i would speak with you Just want you to pray with me for favour from God to have my moggage paid for and that i would receive this prophethetic blessings on my life because i know that every step of the way i will receive blessings for the entire family i realy need a financial blessing so please pray for me as i take this step of faith.

  11. Please pray for me my life is a mess. I can’t pay for my child school ‘coz I’m unemployed. My ex-husband destroyed me financially and my businesss. Bow we are suffering we sometimes sleep without food. My child couldn’t open school because of financial problems. I wish to do well in politics ‘coz I see the only way to succeed. Thank you

  12. i need your prayer in every erea of my life especially a financial break trought. Amen


  14. Man of God, please pray for me, I believe distance is not a barrier, I am asking God to reveal his plans about my life. I am trying not to be anxious but sometimes I become overwhelmed with fear.

    I am not working at the moment, I am divorced and I have children. I am praying for businesses to come

    Please pray for me Bishop, more especially with the word of prophecy in my life. I need direction from Him more than any other thing

  15. Good morning Bishop. I thank God for your life..May He continue to Bless you richly.

    I need a prophetic word over my destination and my family.

    I am lonely and divorced. I am unemployed , with very little support emotionally from the ex husband.

    my fiance left me when I lost my job

  16. Hello Bishop ,please pray for me .I have experienced a lot of dissapointments in my life ,in relationships,financially and every areas of my life.

  17. prophet please pray for me to get a cleaning job at government I’m at Pretoria/ south Africa is there miracle pack here in SA? I need it please I can’t order online because my bank account is no more active

  18. Pastor pls pray for me I want to read and understand I want to quit smoking I want to serve God

  19. Dear pastor please help me I am young unemployed with no college education i want to further my education but I have no money and no one to help please I want you to pray for me so I can get a financial break through. I am so frustrated and feel like taking my life

  20. A. Suzette Edward

    Bishop, THANK YOU for all the emails I have been receiving from you for the last 2 months since I stumbled across your website. Presently, I’m unemployed & have been for the last 5yrs – THANK GOD my husband is self-employed & he’s the one who has been taking care of ALL bills & the family. I know it is & has been very ROUGH on him (he is such a GOOD husband & father).
    Bishop, I got favor with God Almighty & I have a restaurant which I’m turning into an Ice-Cream Snackette. My place had to be opened on March 2nd, 2015 but because of FINANCIAL problems & government approvals, I still HAVE NOT opened yet. This a DREAM & I really DO NOT want to give up on it. I have lots of plans for my shop, which I know will bring GLORY to God Almighty & I know satan knows that & he’s really FIGHTING me in my business.
    PLEASE stand in agreement with me & pray that God will EXPLODE every stumbling block that is in my way & that His Name will be GLORIFIED in that place, in Jesus Mighty & Powerful Name.

    I saw a testimony where the lady had a page with ‘footsteps’ on it & she said she steps on it EACH morning & said a CONFESSION you gave her & things worked out for her…..is it possible for me to receive one of those FOOTSTEPS? It will be much APPRECIATED. Also, when God blesses me FINANCIALLY, I am going to purchase the Miracle pen & the Business Anointing Oil.

    Continue doing the work you are doing for the Glory of God & thank you for reaching out to the lost through this medium – the internet.

    God bless & continue spreading the Word of God Almighty to ALL generations!

  21. Hello pastor I need prayers my husband live in the house and he want are divorce I want my husband came back home he live me with children I love my husband

  22. Hi pastor pls pray 4 me I need fanicial break through I need car and are house

  23. please bishop pray for me my husband said he want to marry another woman he said he hate me because I’m not satisfied sexualy I have something moving in my womb is for years now.
    And please pray for me to get a miracle job just say a word over my life.SHO AS IM WRITING NOW IS MOVING STONG I NEED HELP

    • Greetings prophet pls i need prayers for divine favor in my family,financial breakthru,we need a house our own we are threatened to move out

  24. Bagonza Ibrahim

    Pastor am astudent and i had completed alevel education last year , this year i want to join university but bt i don’t have school fees and funds. please help and pray for me so that i can get get help for who want to help with fee’s for university. am an orphan really i need help from you thank you. you can contact me for me ibrahimbagonza3@gmail.com, +256789507922. Let hope to hear from you thank you bless day

  25. I am broke man of God.I nid miracle money to pay mi jet account and furnmart account

  26. I thank God for providing for me and my family. Every since I contact Bishop Climate my life have been miraculous. My faith is being built strong through listening to online services, reading blog updates, youtube, prophecies, I have the word inserted in my spirutual IV im not letting one drop of our Jesus blood be wasted. I love the holy spirit with my all, he is truly faithful, and loves to talk, the holy spirit do not push me away or tell me to shut up, the holy spirit is here all the time even when I drift away, he leads and guides me in holy paths even when I mess up or go stray, he doesnt spare the rod of his word on me but gives me tough lough when I need, the holy spirit is interested in me and others around me always pushes me to reachout even when I let an oppurtunity go to share the word, the holy spirit is here when everyone is coming and going give him a try he wont let you go. God bles and love to all Family God

  27. Alexandra Tan

    Dear Bishop Climate,
    Please pray for me and my family.
    I need miracle money to help pay loans of my sisters and my nephew who needs medical attention .
    I wish God will redeem all that we have lost financially.
    I need your prayers for healing and financial breakthrough.
    Thank you in advance and God bless you.

    Will God make a way for me.so far I have prayed the Special 40 Day Declaration left with two days to finish up,I prayed the one week Lord,I am fed up I don’t want to continue my life going round & round in circles,and I am praying the Midnight Prayer Session everyday.
    So far I am @ stand still financially and spiritually I failed to pay exam fees for my son because of insufficient funds.
    What God’s Word concerning me as the situation as it is financially and spiritually.
    I have suffered so much in my life so far all I am just hoping is complete transformation.that’s all I request not to continue being a shameless man and a father for my family and my parents.I need mercy and grace to lead me through.

  29. Good morning Bisho
    Please pray for me i need financial break through

  30. Bishop please pray for me am trusting the Lord for financial miracle breakthrough to pay my debts by this month whish is end of June i believe the Lord will dispatch angels of to deposit money into my bank account so that i can clear all my debts and start life on a clean slate.
    i belive if the lord could do it for other He will do it fo me too in Jesus name.

  31. Bishop pray with me am real need a financial breathrough am tired of working like an elephant eating like ant. i declare Job22 verse 28 that whatever i say it shall be established and the light will come, i want to be blessed so that i can be able to bless other in Jesus name.

  32. paster please pray with me I’m suffering i have no job no place to stay and I’m pregnant the father doesn’t want to support the baby please pray for me with miracle money in jesus name amen

  33. Helloo bishop I need God victory in my life

  34. Dear Bishop,

    I desparately need a miracle. If i do not manage to raise R8000 by Thursday the 9th, i and my 10 year old son will be homeless. I need help in prayer. I need prayer for better health, a good husband who will take care of me and i of him,most importantly i need a job that pays well. my children are suffering from this financial problem i am going through. they need to go to.l school. i cant afford anything i feel useless. Please help me talk to God, He doesnt seem to hear my voice only. Please.

    • do you believe that God is able to perform this miracle for you? Then trust and believe that the God you serve will answer your prayer as the bible says is Psalms 18:30 As for God, his way is perfect: The LORD’s word is flawless; he shields all who take refuge in him. Amen trust and have faith in Him. Be Blessed

  35. Dear Man of God.
    Well my worst fear came through. I am homeless i keep bothering people in their homes. Please pray for me. I really need Gods favor. I cant take this anymore.
    Please pray for me i dont know where we will sleep tonight .

    Please pray for me.


  37. my bishop please pray for me,i want rebuilt my family with my husband,help me,pray for me,i want him to cal me and send money and have a happy family,i want a job and money,please bishop pray for me,i know with God everything is possible.amen

  38. Leslie anders hamm

    Please pray for me i have a curse on every area of my life.im alone.im very lonley.im seperated from my husband of 11yrs.he left me for a neighbor.he lied, stole, cheated, he broke my heart.im gonna divorce him.but i need 323.00.im so not happy right now.im.deep in debt.im starting over.we have been separated for 4yrs.i do not love him anymore.i so want a.fresh new start.i want to be loved needed happy.i also want to hear from my friend Jerry Williams.i feel lost alone.i dont know what im.doing.help me.im a sinner.i need a miracle.

  39. Please pray for miracle money to pay outstanding debts.

  40. good day man of god i would like to thank you to joined your programmer and i will like you to prayer for my problem i need a better house and increasement at work. and i also want you to prayer for my life in the name of god amen.

  41. Nkareng Thogomusi

    Bishop Climate, please pray for me as i need a breakthrough in my career in terms of job promotion , healing of body and mind. Divine protection against evil forces. Thank you in Jesus name

  42. I have been struggling to get a job for three years and my family depends on me financially I am drained I even stopped applying I request a prayer for my situation as I also have study loans I have to pay

  43. Man of God please help me i need a miracle money i’m having lots of depth i want to clear it .I ‘ m akso building the house now it just stop i dint even have money to buy food my fridge is empty i am un prayer point im recieving small small i need big please.whilst im waiting for my big surprise.My devil is fighting against me but what i know is he cant get over me im protected by the blood of Jesus.praying for miracle money.

  44. Needs God favours in my life

  45. I receive in Jesus name

  46. Bishop I hurt in the Heel and Ankle of my feet.I need Prayer for everything,I need God to fix everything need a Money Miracle and Peace in my home.God Bless You Bishop Climate.

  47. Unemployed blacklisted Pray fr me change my financial life help bishop pray fr me I need to grow spiritually to hear god speak t me ihavr been saved fr year but nothing has changed I want to feel his presence help from nokuthula south africa

  48. I want to plant seed but I don’t have as u bless me I promise I’m going to plant after harvest

  49. Hi! pray for me! am having same kind of problems for the past 5 years! I undergo setbacks and confusion. Sometimes i just don’t get things! I have lost my clear understanding of things! I have failed my exams three times. i.e 5years no achievement in college and personal goals. And funny of it, i feel ok with it. Something is wrong withy me! I believe it is one of workers in my workplace. I had a feeling the co-worker wanted to take my star. Because, all of a sudden i gradually started perfoming poorly while the co-worker thrives. The co-worker has managed to be recognized where i was supposed to recognized . Because where i strongly felt my opportunity is coming my way no one else takes that place but the co-worker. this is how i knew something is going on! The co-worker also comes from this tribe where it is well known for practicing witchcraft. The co-worker has this witchcraft charisma to fool people.
    Bishop, Man of God help me take back what the devil has stolen/is stealing from me for all this time i have working!

  50. Bishop please pray for me to get miracle money I want to come to see you face to face and pray with me.please I need money now Iam hungry to came and pray with me.

  51. Please pray for me for successful knee surgeries and speedy recovery Knowledge and wisdom protection and safety Financial breakthrough for me and my children and grandchildren. I am battling high blood pressure arthris pain deibetic Amen

  52. Please pray for financial blessing and debt cancellation. I have been out of work since july last year due to medical care. I have no income and I am behind in my bills. Please pray for me. Amen


    Greetings in the name of Jesus. Wiseman PhD Prohet Bishop Irugu I fear your God very Much.For he is using You to touch the world at one time, I believe obeying God has never been easy from you started your ministry,but today because of your obedience to God.I too I am leading the ministry here in South Africa in Gauteng province, leading the Church has never been easy work to do,more especially your are still down financial.But I believe in your prophecy and following them all the time. I was so worried from the 1st of July not receiving emails from you,I was wondering if I have done something wrong. You have once shared a testimony about your Pastor who wanted to quit the ministry so that he will work for his farmily,and you give your self to buy him small groceries to sustain his family. I respect your Faith an of God. I have been struggling to respond in my calling,for no one has ever beleive in my calling even my spiritual father,I remember when I told him about my calling and he said to me mybe I have heard the evil one calling me, for the past 16 years I grow like a street kid in the ministry for no has grown me I had to supply myself from the other great Man of God like: Bishop Irugu,Pastor Chris,Tb Joshua , The late Smith Wigglesworth and many more.Man of God Pls pray for For Financial breakthrough. Let the God who you Serv add more years of your life,for your are thee solutions to the nations of the world.God bless you.

  54. My Name is nagomi, i am from india.
    I am actually from poor background, because my father is a heart patient & kindey deices. So he could not work for our family. I am a drop out from college & with my +2 qualification. I am working in acompany for 8000. But that full salary goes to emi, which we got for my sis marriage.
    I am finding difficult to run my family. I have an younger brother, Who is doing Bcom in Alpha College. Please i need some support to run our family.
    I dont know, wheter i will get help, but i really trust god, that he ll help me through some way.
    THANK YO!!!!

  55. My name is Dakota I have two kids. I’m homeless and disabled they say that there’s help for me but it seems
    Like every where I go there something that doesn’t make me eligible for anything if you will see it in your heart to give me money I will
    Really appreciate it

  56. Hello man of God pray along with me to get financial breakthrough, and I lost my job as breadwinner, I need to persue

  57. Bishop please pray for me to pass my matric.be sorted in financials and to get married soon I’m in south Africa I need your prayer

  58. Bishop please pray for me to pass my matric.be sorted in financials and to get married soon I’m in south Africa I need your prayer.and to get a job

  59. Bishop,

    Pls help me to pray for me that I will pay all my debts and that my business will prosper.

  60. Hello i am Cleo Katrina,i live in Santa Monica, CA united states and i am a single mom,i had financial problem and i needed money very bad but thank God for this private lender Mrs Maria Cristia who helped me with a loan of 30,000usd and now we are good all thanks to Mrs Maria.
    if you know that you are in need of an urgent loan i would advise you to contact Mrs Maria Cristia at Email:austintrustloanfund@hotmail.com
    Thank You And God Bless.

  61. Please help me I need miracle money I not working

  62. Hello Bishop m Lucia from Lesotho m 8 months pregnant I need your help I don’t have money to buy my newborn clothes I don’t have foods I can’t sleep @night what m doing is to cry all nights I don’t even know if m carrying a boy or a girl I don’t have money for ultrasound plz I need cash my number is +26650574823 thanx so much hope will get help I can’t afford to buy airtime to call your number oh man of God plz help me

  63. M sorry Bishop my number is +26650574827 m in Lesotho

  64. Hello Bishop i am from South-Africa,i need you to pray for me,i have a financial problem,everything i try or do its not going good,i want to get married,help my parents,open me a business,but i dont have the money,please help me,thanks.

  65. Hi bishop pray for me4000 to burring grand mother pls help

  66. Good day Bishop please pray for me i need money as soon as possible my life is in crisis i want to support my three children.my number is 0603782123 in south africa

  67. Hello Bishop as I am writing the e-mail I’m crying I don’t have hope my money get lost every time please I need miracle money to support my two boys.

  68. Hello Bishop I need a miracle money urgently I’m from Ghana. please this is my number +233541458014 . please help me ,
    I need your help

  69. Chandani jamir

    Pliz pray for me need miracle in my life n need miracle money tonyt. Pliz need ur prayer

  70. Yadessa Tamirat

    i Yadessa Tamirat from Ethiopian i needed miracle money pls help me now my email address is this yadtd@yahoo.com

  71. Hello bishop.m in Zimbabwe and struggling a lot.my life z a mess.im hiv positive have two kids with different men.u need a financial breakthrough now.i always want to commit suicide because of the life in leaving.my sisters don’t want to help me financially so I can better my education.im scared for my kids wen I’m not around.plis help me bishop.please I beg you to make things better for me.I need a Jo and want to travel to south Africa Bt I have no papers.plis help me.my number z 002634959145.i need a financial breakthrough so I csn better my life

  72. michael kayamba

    Hi Man of God,i believe in miracles and i salute you for Gods miracles thru you.Am requesting for miracle money in my bank account to clear debts and enable me serve God freely.Pray for me Man of God.

  73. michael kayamba

    My number +260 0977200532


  75. Please bishop help i’am suffering here in congo i have one to help me i need money i want to stude this is my number +243828878896

  76. Alfred Namuthinda

    all I need from God is Financial despline

  77. Bishop please pray for me, intercede in my behalf and stop these evil forces hindering me from moving forward, I’ve been fighting for years but nothing, especially financially and career please deliver my life Bishop, I’m from South Africa I would sow a seed if could but currently I can’t afford pounds and my bank account is loaded with debts. I mercy on me Bishop
    Thank Bishop God bless

  78. Hi i want be your member of your church

  79. Please pray for me a man of GOD. My business is failed and I am in debts, I can’t pay my debts, the debtors always give me trouble and threatened me, I want to be free from them by clearing their money by earliest, so please pray to GOD to do miracle upon me, let miracle money come to my bank account let financial be greater so that I can do much for the Lord for the coming days. Please pray for me . Thank You very much.!!!

  80. Hi bishop pray for me get money in my account pay debt is lot debt or Difficunt finacial is not have mpney buy clothers for chrimas child

  81. Oh Dear God, please please hear us as we come to you in prayer for devine intervention in our lives to please show your face and bless all the people who have written a special prayer to you. Please grant each and everyone’s sincerest need as we put all our faith and trust to you, in your name Jehovah, your son Jesus and the holy spirit Amen.

  82. Hi bishop climate
    I’m nomsa sibuyi from south Africa

    Nothing is going well in my life, I mean nothing i have many debt my siblings and parents are not working, I want to be married please please man of god pray for

  83. I thank God for using you to promote all loving kindness always.I want financial break through because I’m into problem right now. God will surely bless and proper you always . I want money to solve my problems right now

  84. Hi Bishop please pray for me for financial breakthrough. please

  85. my name is Orimako maroloma

    my prayer request ineed happy life ineed miracle money and miracle life I am tired of this life because this is a merc idnt get happy life I always cry bcz idnt have home idnt knw my parents both no family ineed miracle money to built my home I am tired off poverty please my god help forgive me my sins

  86. Hi man of god please pray for me as i am suffering from financial debts and i am sufdering from poverty kindly pray foe me

  87. I need prayer to find a house, and I need a Financial Miracle so I will be able to tithe and find a place to live, I need prayer for my Ex Husband Lamar Chism Jr. To get a relationship with his kids and grandkids. And also my Cousin Francine Stone have Custody of my Niece and Nephew that I raise and she want let me see them, please pray that God turn these thing around in my Favor. Thank you for your prayers.

  88. Hello bishop,
    Please help me to pray to God. I am 57 years old unemployed Filipino seaman for 4 years now. Because of my age 57 years old, I can not be hired in shipping agencies because of age limit. I am doing part time job as maritime instructor 2 or 3 times a week. Please help me pray that I can be hired more times than 2 or 3 times a week. I need money for support for my family and wife.

  89. Man of God pray for me need to reserve money into my account

  90. Oscar Kati Wabomba

    Pastor pray me everything around me is totally difficult
    business is stuck,
    debts are many
    my boss want his share and he is not stocking
    I’m totally confused
    Please i need your prayers

  91. man of God a have lost my job and need another one to take care of my family please pray for me Man of God i nee God to help me.

  92. Good day to you man of God when i saw the testimonies here i was moved and i believed my own will not be difficult for God to do. Please sir i’m in a serious debt now and the only hope i have is God as my creditors gives me sleepless night been threatening with police several time i dont even know what to do now. please only miracle can deliver me from this. more grace sir.

  93. Man of God please help me, I stay with my daughter and we are about to be kicked out to the streets for not being able to pay rent and my car is about to be repossessed. Please Bishop help me.


  94. Bishop I need help unconditional please my life is in danger now please help me today I want money urgent please South Africa Rand in my account my account is 1519628763

  95. Man of God I am in desperate need of money to fund my studies even if it comes in form of getting a job. Ive been praying on my own for a long time, now I need intervention from other prayer warriors. Thank you all as I wait in faith to receive the long awaited blessings. Be blessed.

  96. Pride Mashoyoya

    Bishop Climate l need your help ,
    Im suffering financially ,,,, l have a wife, a daughter and a brother to look after ,,,,
    Please help me man of God !

  97. Bishop climate please pray for my life is stucked i dont know what else to do on the side im unemployed have bills to take care of ..please

  98. Man of God ,Bishop Climate ,i need your prayers in my life.I’m struggling with my life as i have accumulated huge debts and i don’t know how to overcome them since I am jobless and no any business.I have no peace and sleepless nights.I am so desperate to find money to pay off these debts and to have peace in my heart.I believe that with God all things are possible

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