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Hope your having a blessed week, the bible says “rejoice evermore, pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.” 1 Thess. 5: 16-18 The enemy may have carried out his operation and is already rejoicing that they might have completed their mission or you are being faced with what can be described as a ‘hopeless situation’. It can be any matter including failure, illness, incurable diseases, marital failure, or guilt of sin. Child of God you might perhaps concluded that your situation is without a remedy. I encourage you do not give up! You might be closer to your breakthrough than you think and when life seems to get tough that’s when you need to always stand in prayer and by God. Today give one final blow to the situation in form of an aggressive prayer and you will be able to move to the realm of your breakthrough. Don’t lose focus on what you are aiming to achieve and what you want to become. Always remember the more the success you are going to have the more enemies that may come your way. Even though the enemies might be many and our strength is small just like Jacob, but the Lord was able to descend upon Jacob which is the same thing He will do to you! He will rise you up and you will shine in the name of Jesus. The spirit of fear has no portion in your life and it is fear that drives some people to lose focus, but as a child of God always stay strong in your prayer and have faith in God because he is the beginning and the end and He is the one who knows when the time is right for everything. “Never pay back evil with evil. Do things in such a way that everyone can see you are honourable.”-Romans 12:17 Have a great day and a blessed week – Cecilia K, TKC Writer

Hi Church,

You see its so important to never lose focus! As I was sharing with you yesterday on the importance to have a vision and hope in our lives. And thats why whatever trials you are facing, don’t lose hope or focus because you are a step away from your breakthrough! You are a step away from receiving your miracle. Now matter what you are facing God is walking with you guiding your every footsteps, even if you feel where right now is hopeless. That is why starting from next week Monday (24th March) I will be blowing a special trumpet so that victory shall take place and every enemy in your life shall surrender. This will be the final blow the end to the struggle where you will enter the realm of your breakthrough. This powerful conference God instructed me to hold just for you! So if your feeling like you have prayed enough, you have sowed seeds, pushed through faith and things still are not moving, this will be the time where all your problems, all your doubts and every hopeless situation will be replaced with permanent breakthrough and permanent blessings! Amen. Continue to declare the 5 signs for your Open Doors of Hope! (Daniel 11:32 KJV) Amen. – Bishop Climate Irungu

This week Discover The 5 signs for your Open Doors Of Hope; 

1. God will Remember you (Ruth:16) this week you will be hearing good news don’t grumble and complain get yourself ready as your restoration is around the corner. This week God will remember me God is about to Lack every I productivity in your life

2. God will Redeem You! – You will receive redemption from every work of the enemy. You may have sold your life and your soul away to many things. But God is about to buy your life back! You will not be disgraced your vision will grow!

3. God will Revive You! – ( Psalms 138:7 ) Receive supernatural joy people have been trying to kill you with stress kill you with from jealously lord revive me! God will revive your dreams, your heath your finances in Jesus Name Amen.

4. God will Restore You! – Receive restoration! You will receive automatic restoration in your life this week.

5. Today You Shall Rejoice!  – You will begin to rejoice like Sarah did when she became pregnant. For Over 25 years she was barren, thinking that her prayers would not be answered but when God answered her prayers she rejoiced as she became pregnant. ( Psalms: 126:1)
This coming week he will not reject you he will not reject your promotion.

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