TKC London Weekend Update: Too Many Closed Gates In Your Life? Click To Discover How Your Gates Will Be Open!


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“Dear Daddy Bishop, I just want to thank God for your Life and the wonderful Ministry of The Kingdom Church. You gave me a prophetic word few months ago and It has come to pass! I was studying a BTEC Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care. My career path is to study a Degree in Social Work. In 2007 I applied for Dental Nursing I failed during the interview, in 2010 I also applied for Adult Nursing I failed during that interview. In 2012 I started attending The Kingdom church, I did not tell you as I was a member I felt because I had failed before you I was ashamed. I prayed that I will never fail again. Amazingly the spirit of God ministered to you and you spoke the same words over my life. I sowed a seed of double my age asking God to bless me so I can get 320 points from the course I was doing at college, although the University only wanted 280 points, surprisingly Man of God when my result came out I got 380 point more of what I sowed a seed for. I have finished the course with an outstanding result of Triple Distinction Overall.  Also out of one hundred students I have been the student who has been nominated for Best student of 2013 to get a certificate and a trophy. Only one student can be nominated for this Student Award in 2013. The ceremony will take place at Goldsmith University and this awarded has been funded by organisation outside the college. I am so grateful Man of God, I truly am. The Miracle Carpet and The Miracle Pack have done wonders in my life I give God all the glory and say the God of Bishop Climate is truly a Miracle working God.” From Ms J.B, London

Hi Church, this morning as you rise up and make your way to work, home or wherever you go, make sure you take over, because in this month your gates will be open you will build prosper and finish well. You ask me how can God prosper me in my life? I tell you if God was able to prosper the children of Israel in all there times of need and years of wandering, as I prophecy over your life, the same God of Israel will do the same for you. God is about to be exalted in your family, in your circumstances and in your life. Your time has come anything you have been investing in, with you being in agreement with me, I prophecy that you will succeed. We need to rely on the anointing on prophecy, in the book of Ezra things were so tough, but they had a prophet in there midst. Don’t worry God is going to bless you supernaturally you will sit down before audiences with them saying how comes people have blessed you suddenly? How have you overcome these things in a short space of time? When did all this happen? You will say because the spirit of the living God prophesied over my life and he said I will build I will prosper and I will be great.  Extending from last week below is Part 2 of the 20 Prophetic Blessings that are over your life. The last six remaining blessing will be the final part next week. Have a blessed week, remember the bible says faith without works is dead so continue to speak the 15 prophetic blessings over your life. Remember as you speak these blessings  take an action and watch God activate these blessings in every area of your life Amen.

–  Bishop Climate Irungu


Prophetic Blessings Build Prosper And Finish It Part 2!  Ezra 6:14 (KJV)

 Blessing 11 – Servants will be working for you (Isaiah 60:10) Your life will be rebuilt with others serving you. Why? Because God says a time is coming where you’ll be sitting down like a King and Queen.

Blessing 12- All Your Gates Shall Be Open (Isaiah 60:11). Gates of miracles, gates of favour, gates of wealth, gates of promotion, gates of freedom. All your gates will be open no more poverty no my disappointment.

Blessing 13- You Are A Kingdom Promoter! You will no longer be working for money. That is not your portion money will be working for you. (Isaiah 60:13)

Blessing 14 – Your Enemies Will Eat There Hearts. Anyone who wants to grab your job, take your family, do you harm they must fall at there feet so that they will no longer cause you harm. No more people taking your business no more people shaming you now people will be coming back to apologise…(Isaiah 60:14)

Blessing 15- There Will Be No More Rejection. After today wherever you go people will just want you. They will want to favour you, promote you, no more rejected applications, no more bad news, speak good news and good results over your life .(Isaiah 60:14)


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We hope you’ve been blessed this week through Bishop Climate Ministries and The Kingdom Church. If you were apart of our weekend services or watched us Live online email or call us to let us know. Continue to send your testimonies to Look out for our Weekend in Pictures and our Weekly Segment of Kingdom Principles by Prophetess Beryl Nelson out tomorrow on our TKC London FB Page!

This Week at TKC London 19th – 25th August 2013!

Tonight we have Kingdom Men at 6:30PM & Kingdom Women at 6:30PM! Come socialise and connect with one another and hear teachings of the Word. Bring your friends and family members along too!

Tomorrow we have our TKC Holy Ghost Gym for all our Kingdom Church Members come to exercise and be refreshed and revived.

Join us Wednesday 21st Aug for our Mid Week Boost ( 3 in 1) service of Bible Study, Intercession and Deliverance this is a service you don’t want to miss to reenergise you for the week.

This Thursday 22nd Aug is our Singles Clinic! Come and hear teachings on the preparation of marriage, issues in relationships and more!

Friday 23rd August don’t miss our Miracle, Healing and Deliverance Service at 7:30pm. If you need any special healing, laying of hands  this is the place to be many testimonies of instant healing taken place right here! This is not a service you want to miss!

Saturday 24th August (More Details TBA during this week)


8-9AM it’s Morning Glory! Join us to start your Sunday in prayer!

9-10AM Prophetic Hour with the man of God no appointment needed, just be sure to turn up early as limited spaces are available.

11AM Word Service:  Is spiritual growth your purpose? Do you want to live a successful and winning lifestyle? Do you want to be a disciple of Jesus? Then Come hear the word, Grow and glow spiritually!

3PM Miracle Prophetic Service:– Are you believing God for a quick breakthrough, Personal word of Knowledge? Do you want to face Monday with a High gear , full of energy and power? Then this service is for you!

Our Prayer Lines are open and available 24/7 If you have any need, seeking spiritual guidance through Prayer and Deliverance:


Call Now +44 207 738 3668 For UK

Call Now 1-732-444-7074 For North America (USA & CANADA)

– Greetings From Bishop Climate & Bishop Climate Ministries Team


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  2. Amen agree for my life and family in the name of Jesus

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