Discover The 10 Prophetic Blessings For You…! From Bishop Climate


I will Build I will Prosper and I will finish Well! ( Matthew 17:7 KJV)

Hi Child of God,,

The Lord told me today he is here with you, he is going to come and touch you with his anointing and you will rise. When God touches you, you are going to rise up prosper and finish well. All we need is a touch from him, God is not a respecter of person, he is a respecter of faith. Child of God its time to extend your faith fasten your seatbelt and get ready! This is the month of Divine Progress get ready too Build Prosper and to Finish well. This week declare over your life that you must be successful.

Here are some Prophetic Blessings for you to receive and declare over yourself this week;

1.)  Shine – As you rise up according to Isaiah 60:1 you will shine. Once you rise you will shine wherever you go.

2.) Light Of God – You will see the light of uncommon wisdom there will be the anointing wherever you go having the Watson of God having the wisdom of knowing what to do when you don’t know what to do.

3.) Glory – Receive the physical manifestation of each blessing.You will see the Glory of God everywhere around you. It’s time for you to see and touch the glory of God in your life now is the time for it to be manifested in your life.

4.) Every Element Of Darkness will be removed from your life. (Isaiah 60:2) Church you will no longer be ashamed of the blessings of God over your life as every element of darkness will be removed from your life.

5.) Salvation & People will come to you for Wisdom. Church you will be the one given the keys for new favours and to reach people so they now can be saved from the gates of hell and make their journey to Jesus. (Isaiah 60:3) Kings and Queens, people in power will be coming to you to seek appointments.

This week I want you to go and select pictures, write key words down what you want for your future and write that you will build you will prosper and you will finish it. whether you make a file on your computer its up to you. Make sure it contains all things that make you happy for now and in your future. Its time to build towards your future and your dreams. This year you will build prosper and finish building your palace, your business, your marriage, your finances, your career, your calling, your destiny! Have a blessed week. Amen. Stay Blessed. – Bishop Climate Wiseman


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