This Week The Mysterious Powers Of God Will Provide Every Provision That You Need!

This Week The Mysterious Powers Of God Will Provide Every Provision That You Need! 


”  Bishop powerful things have been happening in my life and for my family! I came to see you for a consultation as there were some things I needed to put in order in my life. I wanted to seek your guidance and see some tangible results. After meeting with me you shared some wisdom and told me that I needed to do two things one I needed to drive and the other I needed to open up a bank account. Even though the second instruction was random to me I went out looking to open a bank account. Bishop, I received favour and after meeting a Bank account manager I found a driving instructor, was granted favour seeking mortgage advice and was able to open the bank account that had the best rates and options for me and my family. I Just in the space of time I was in there my life just moved into a different direction. “  – M.S , London 


Hi Child of God, 

Today I want to share with you a couple of things as there is something that I want to release into your life. You are about to experience the strange mysterious powers of God. On Sunday a lady shared a testimony of her brother’s ear abnormality and how her brother experienced an ear trauma through an accident at a young age. This accident caused an ear abnormality which needed to be fixed through an operation. This ladies faith was determined every week she would bring her brother to church, despite the doctor’s reports, despite the pending operation this family still believed that God was going to move on their behalf.  Through booking appointments with the doctors, even with having a scheduled operation and checks where the ear abnormality was still there before he was about to be operated on. As this woman’s brother laid on the operating table after they put him to sleep and they checked nothing was there the ear was restored to normal. This is the mysterious powers of God that are real! Unexplainable, these are the things the human mind cannot comprehend. 

Exodus 16:34 NIV ” As the Lord commanded Moses, Aaron put the manna with the tablets of the covenant law, so that it might be preserved.  The Israelites ate manna forty years until they came to a land that was settled; they ate manna until they reached the border of Canaan.” 


The Bible shows us for 40 years the children of Israel were provided for the great provision was moved into their hands. This week for some of you reading this you are going to enter into an agreement with God and He is going to provide for you every single day. Every single day the mysterious powers of God are going to work on your behalf. Today for somebody you will receive the hand of God over your life. You this prophetic words you are going enter into a time of provision where you will never have to pay for gas again, you will never have to pay for fuel again, you will never have to pay for insurance again. The things that you need will always be provided for before you need to present them.

You see I know the God I serve I know that the God I serve can do mighty things. Even for myself, I shared my testimony where God has moved mountains for utility bills where I haven’t paid for years it has been provided for every single day every single year. This is the same God that can do it for you. Today the same anointing is going to come upon you! I see God slashing your bills and granting you breakthroughs. This week I can see even more strange and mysterious things happening in your life, This week the mysterious powers of God will provide every provision that you need in Jesus name. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend as we kick start the weekend with Friday’s Washing and anointing of the hands Miracle Service. The Mysterious Power of God and the anointing of Divine Provision must meet you here. Be blessed  – Prophet Climate


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