Its amazing to see what we learn in The kingdom church on Day 4 of Prosperity Summit Our Man of God  Bishop Climate taught THE KINGDOM MILLIONAIRES the most important keys about the lifestyle of millionaires. 

Child of God as partners Bishop Climate confirmed that we have been commissioned as KINGDOM MILLIONAIRES.  In this teaching Bishop Climate taught about

  1. How to Think like a Millionaire (Proverbs 23:7),
  2. How to talk like a Millionaire  (Proverbs 18:21),
  3. How to dress like a millionaire (Genesis 41:14)
  4. How to Associate with Millionaire (Proverbs 13:20, Proverbs 19:4). 

It is important to also recognise the importance of the spiritual realm and the spiritual warfare that we face as Christians. 

As Christians we have been behind when it comes to understanding about the importance of the land accepting people and the necessity of success through the spiritual world.  I can hear you asking what do you mean Christians are behind.  It is well known in other religions that to succeed you need to break the curse of the land or curse the land of your enemies .  There is a spiritual game that after the revelation on Sunday from Bishop climate it has changed for the benefit of the Kingdom Church members and partners.

In the miracle service Bishop Climate Irungu explained the curse of the land (Genesis 3: 17-19, Matthew 10:14) how it hinders progress and success in life leading to struggles in marriage, finances and working place.  In order for the enemies to hinder your progress all they need to do is to curse the land of provision which can be your place of work or your business. Child of God if this curse of the land rejects you, it is impossible to progress or achieve anything in life.  Man of God Bishop Climate taught, prayed and declared that the curse of the land has been broken and from now own whatever people try they will succeed anywhere in the world. 

To receive your instructions from Bishop Climate including prayer points and seeds to be sown to unlock yourself out the curse of the land please

Click the following teaching below  or  download the teaching on or order the teaching through our call centre or the book store.   Please quote the titles below..

4 Keys to be a millionaire by Bishop Climate Irungu

Total Prosperity Summit Breaking the Curse of the Land *Anointed Soil*

The Man of God is in Town and I am looking forward to see you  this this wednesday special deliverance service at 7:30pm  . 

– Miracle Service is at Friday 7:30pm & Deliverance at 3am 

– Healing and Deliverance School is at Saturday 7:30 pm  

Sunday Morning Glory 8-9am

– Prophetic Hour Face to face With Bishop Climate at 9-10am no appointment needed  

– Sunday Family & Word service at 11am & The Miracle Prophetic Service is at 2:30pm 

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By Janet Jewa
Your TKC Reporter

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