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Dear Friend,

I just was thinking about you and and the spirit of God instructed me to make an investment in your life, I feel so strong that your Miracles and deliverace is due, but something keep stopping you from seeing the full manifestation of your Miracle. As i was searching in my spirit , I was led to the recent teaching that I have been conducting here in London, Since when I began this series of teaching many people thier lives have turned around. the days of them losing what God has given them are over.

You see Faith will produce the Miracle but it takes other things to maintain the Miracle. Today I was you to begin to not only reveive your miracle but also keep your Testimonies, Healing and prosperity.

I want you to have a taste of this goodnews.  I want you to have this teaching for Free I see it as an investment into your life , I know that If you are Okay I will be Okay, If you are victorious I will be victorious, If you are prosperous I will be prosperous . For you to obtain it for Free you need a coupon code No : B57YW5G440.

At the final payment  checkout enter that number and you will receive 100% discount nothing to pay . Download this teaching and begin to move in the power of God. You can share that Coupon code with your friends & family remember its only valid up to This friday .

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Making One’s Calling & Election Sure: 8 Keys to Success in 2013 (PT 6 – Brotherly Kindness – Part 1)

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Product Description

Making One’s Calling & Election Sure: 8 Keys to Success in 2013 (PT 6 – Brotherly Kindness – Part 1)

What if there was a formula to success that required more than just faith? What if prayer & fasting, sowing seed, speaking confessions, were not enough? Could it be possible that to have true success in God, faith is just the beginning? 

According to the book of 2 Peter 1:3-7, Bishop Climate has been teaching us 7 qualities we must add to our faith in order to be productive and effective in life. 

1)      Virtue

2)      Knowledge

3)      Temperance (Self-Control)

4)      Patience

5)      Godliness

6)      Brotherly Kindness

7)      Charity (Love)As part of an 8 Week Series – Discover Part 6 of how to make your calling & election sure through brotherly kindness. Could it be possible that you have not yet mastered this quality? Perhaps your lack of kindness towards others has been hindering what God is trying to do in your life?

Order this Audio Download Now and discover 6 Ways brotherly kindness can bring success into your life and how the power of relationships can propel you forward. 

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