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Instant Business Success After Commanding The Morning..! From Bishop Climate | Bishop Climate Ministries

Instant Business Success After Commanding The Morning..! From Bishop Climate

Dear Child Of God , 

Everyone has a Star. Your star is the carrier of your destiny. Your destiny’s DNA is loaded in your Star. If Jesus Christ had a Star, you must have one too. One star differs from another. The bible tells us in 1Cor.15:41 that one star differs from another star in glory. If your star is heavily loaded with glory, then get ready for battles that will leave your star with a lot of scars!

Stargazers have seen the stars of great Achievers: Doctors; Inventors; Lawyers; Teachers; Pilots; Business moguls etc. Their game plan is how to stop you from becoming what your Creator destined your star to become. You cannot Arise and Shine without winning the battles against your star.

Things are really shaping up for this year. This morning I received a powerful testimony A lady who owns a market stall was planning to close it down after having no customers at all, By faith and fear of shame she kept her business going  2017. This means that she had to dip her hands into her life saving. But the day before yesterday she received her prophetic letter that I send and she responded, immedietly she received her Command Your Morning special instruction and Declaration, Just yesterday  according to the detailed instruction in her local sunrise time , After Commanding her Morning and Commanding her star to shine as per doing it for 520 times as per prophetic instruction, all day Long her star shinned and customers from no where began to show up as we speak now all stock almost sold and 10 more customers have put advance order which will see her business flourishing for the next years to come. Yes God has turn her shame to favour. This morning she did the same and it has happened again,  Amen Thats is what happens when you heed to prophecy. 


Child Of God  If you have a willing attitude and obey, then you will again eat the best of the land. But if you refuse and rebel, you will be devoured .”Know for certain that the Lord has spoken. ( Isaiah 1:19-20) 

If you have not activated your Command your Morning , And Command your star to shine  over your life. Go back to the word of prophecy that I send you. Remember  that God will never davance you beyond your last point of obedience.  There are many things that God has for you 2018. If you have submitted your prayer agreement and activated your star. You should already started experiencing a release and relief in  your life, for some it happens Immedietly other it happens progressively. I pray that the sacred lot for Today’s commaded morning will favour you. 

You must respond as we are now catching up with the First Washing and the Anointing Of The Hands Miracle Service 2018 . If  you are not careful you will be left behind 

Child Of God,In order for you to fulfill destinies and survive the attackers of the wicked one 2018 , your Stars will need to be continually  purged by the blood of Jesus Christ and cleansed By the spirit, Blood and water.  That why the priest and children of Israel were required to cleanse themselves on regular basis with Holy water. And Tonight God wants to cleanse your star from every evil contamination , Whatsoever has contaminated your star must be cleansed by the Holy water. 

And anything else that can withstand fire must be put through the fire and then it will be clean. But it must also be purified with the water of cleansing. And whatever cannot withstand fire must be put through that water. ( Exodus 31:23) 

Child Of God, Beloved, the battle against your star is real. Darkness is real and oppression is real. It must be fought both spiritual and physical, The good news is that deliverance and liberation of your star is also real. You have to apply it rigorously and diligent and let God move on your behalf. 

Beloved, the battle against your star is real. Darkness is real and oppression is real. The good news is that deliverance and liberation of your star is also real. You have to apply it rigorously and diligent and let God move on your behalf. I join my faith with yours and pray that the Lord will answer all your prayers speedily, quickly and hastily in Jesus’ name.

Sow your seed in the morning, and do not stop working until the evening; for you do not know which activity will succeed— whether this one or that one, or whether both will prosper equally. ( Ecclesiastes 11:6 )

I see special powers to get wealth and favours are going to come upon your life. You are about to become a WEALTH and FAVOUR magnet. Yes, Success will follow you. Don’t be left behind –  Are you ready for your prosperity and your wealth? Are you ready for the wind of favor to turn in your direction? 

“May the Lord, the God of your ancestors, increase you a thousand times and bless you as he has promised!” Deuteronomy 1:11

The Story Behind this Powerful Service

Child Of God, Many years ago the Lord began to teach me the importance on the anointing of hands…. 

What is it that is so important about your hands? You know very well that the single piece of information that is used most often to identify somebody is their fingerprints, for nobody in the entire world has the same set of fingerprints as you… they are what carry your identity. But  everything physical has a spiritual counterpart. If your hands carry your physical dna, that means they also carry your spiritual dna. 

What do I mean by spiritual dna? I mean that if I was to do a scan of your spiritual fingerprints, it would give me an accurate account of your identity. Your financial identity, your health identity, your marital identity, your spiritual identity, etc. 

Even the people that use the powers of darkness know this, that is why they have palm-readers that can interpret your destiny by reading your hands or by scanning your fingerprints. 

*** every strongman that has been assigned over your life to tie your finances is going to die by fire!****

And when God began teaching me this many years ago, He showed me how many Christians’ financial situation has to do with the state of their hands. Many people have curses of bad luck put on their hands so that everything they touch turns to dirt, everything they touch begins to wither, no matter how hard they work their labour does not produce the desired result because their hands are cursed. 


But Deuteronomy 28:8 says “The Lord will put a blessing on everything you put your hand to”.


Many years ago God showed me the power behind this scripture when I was in Kenya for a crusade. And I called up one woman for prayer. When I looked at her, I could tell that she was a poor poor woman. Ragged clothes and shoes almost falling apart, but God spoke to me and told me to anoint her hands and to break every curse of bad luck out of her life. I did that, and the woman came and put a seed in my hand. I didn’t even want to take it because I felt bad for her but I did not allow my own feelings to hinder what God was doing in her life. 

A year later I was visiting the same town for a crusade when a lady out of nowhere interrupted me while I was preaching.

“Man of God, you don’t remember me but I remember you! Last year you anointed my hands during this crusade. And I need to tell you my story. You did not know that before you came last year I had been struggling my entire life. I had been selling vegetables on the local bus stops when tourists came. Many times I tried to open up a business, but things always failed. It seemed the harder I worked, the worse it became. But after you anointed my hands, something changed. I began working hard selling my vegetables. I tried opening up a mini kiosk by the roadside like I had done many times before, only this time it worked! Things began to go well for me.. I began working very hard and soon I was able to open up a mini-supermarket. Things just continued to get better and better. Customers were coming from every direction, my sales increased each day. So man of God I continued to work even harder, and soon I was able to open up a supermarket. Now as we speak I own 5 supermarkets in the 5 major cities of this country. Before you came and prayed for me, I had never been out of my village, but since then i have been to South Africa, I have been to China, and I have been to Dubai. Also you didn’t know but I was the one that paid your plane ticket for you to come here so that others could receive the same blessing like me……”

Child of God, there is something that the Lord has spoke to me about your life. I know you have been trying to reason in your mind why you are not getting the results that you should. Although you work hard, you have become a master at sowing your seeds, but harvest time has never come. But I came to let you know that it’s time for you to receive the right solution. If more work equals more problems, then try something different : come and discover God’s solution. 

This woman only knew struggle from the day she came from her mother’s womb… but the moment her hands were anointed, every curse of bad luck was broken out of her life. Her spiritual identity was changed, her spiritual dna was renewed. If God did it for her then he can do for you. Amen – Arch Bishop Climate Wiseman


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