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Dear Child of God,



Child of God, it doesn’t stop there. Read another testimony I received a few days ago from one of our pastors after commanding money to fly towards her:

“Today, I decided to come home after the conference where you had been teaching us about calling the riches of the day to fly to us and command money to fly to us. My husband was coming to pick me up but he couldn’t make it, so I said I will take the train home. While on the bus I kept on calling the riches of the day to fly to me, money fly to me and I was praying in tongues. 

When I arrived at the train station I needed cash to pay for my ticket (part cash and part on my debit card). The money I had was the last had in my account. So I decided to go to the cash point. Man of God as I walked to the cash point there was money already dispensed just waiting there for me. I reached out for the money and took it out and then I put my card in to withdraw my money from my account. The train station is very busy with plenty of people walking even right by the cash point. 
As I walked away about 2 steps I looked on the floor and there was 2 pence. I smiled and said thank you God. I bought the ticket and was was on my way home. Once I got on the train I checked the money that I had found waiting for me at the caspoint, it was £50! I want to give God all the glory for all the riches of this nation flying to me. ” Pastor J, London

Tonight in London we are getting ready to hold the first Anointing of Hands Miracle Service. After finishing our 21 Days Daniel Fasting, we are ready to receive all the answers to our prayers. Child of God, God wants to bless you. He wants you to prosper. The Bible tells us “He takes pleasure in the prosperity of His servant” (Psalms 35:27)

Tonight I am going to be releasing a special anointing for 2020 upon you and over all the work of your hands. I’m be releasing a special empowerment to succeed and be great. This year no powers of darkness are going to prevail over the work of your hands. Every spiritual robbers in your life must die by fire. 

Yes I saw a big financial breakthrough coming your way. I saw money flying towards you. You must get ready to receive unlimited financial and health gains this year. But we must do something to start this year well. 

The Bible tells us that it is God that gives you power to get wealth. That He teaches you to prosper and leads you in the way that you should go (Deuteronomy 8:18, Isaiah 48:17). But that same Bible also tells us that “we should not be deceived, for whatever a man sows that he shall also reap” (Galatian 6:7) “Whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows generously will also reap generously”. (2 Corinthians 9:6)

This year if you really want to experience God’s wealth coming into your life, if you want to experience money flying into your life, you must put your seed in the ground. It’s the first financial service we are holding for the year. And that is why I want to encourage you to give God your best. 

Today the Lord spoke to me according to Psalms 51:18 “In your good pleasure, cause Zion to prosper, build up the walls of Jerusalem”.

Yes today you must build up an altar to Jehovah God as a sign of faith that you are trusting in Him, that it pleases Him to prosper you. At the same time asking God to rebuild your life, strengthen the parts that are weak, fill in the parts that are empty of missing. In short whatever is lacking in your life, this year God will accomodate for it. Yes I see wherever there is a shortfall, Jehovah God will fill it up. This year there will be nothing lacking or missing in your life. But child of God, don’t expect something for nothing. Give God your best today and what what’s about to happen. 

Right now I want you to send me your special prayer request of the areas you need God to Prosper and Recover You This Year ALONG WITH YOUR SPECIAL OFFERING OF £51. As you do that I’m going to ask my team to dispatch to you a special bottle of DIVINE RECOVERY OIL. 

Child of God, It is this same oil I’m going to use to anoint your prayer request today. You can also send me a picture of your hands and I will anoint those as well. Remember there’s no distance in prayer. As you use this special oil to anoint yourself, your bank statements, bank cards, pictures of loved ones, I see God causing you to recover all that was lost in 2019. Yes I see a double portion of money, of good health, of jobs, of peace, coming back into your life in Jesus name. And child of God if you want to receive more than one bottle, just give a double portion of £102. The seed you plant today in the ground is going to go to your tomorrow and generate a harvest. 

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