Good Things Can Happen Even To You

Dear Reader,
This morning the spirit of God led me to share with you  some of the Testimonies that I just received within the last 24 Hours, We have been receiving testimonies from all over the world, from our local branches here and abroad, God is moving in a mighty way! I pray that as I was encouraged that you will be encouraged and know that Miracles happen and Good things happen to those who dare believe in Miracles.
Miraculous Healing takes Place after using Miracle Packs
A lady in our church was given a  date to see the doctor after a series of tests showed a blood stream vein in one of her eyes. She would have to have surgery to get it removed otherwise it could cause permanent blindness. Before going for the final check for surgery she called the ministry for prayer. The Pastor instructed her to take the anointing oil from the miracle pack she bought and put some on her hands, then place her left finger on her eye and he prayed with her to agree for supernatural healing. She went for the test the next day, to her surprise she was told the blood stream vein in her eye could not be traced any longer and that she doesnt need any surgery. Praise God forevermore! – Pastor Olu (TKC Glasgow)
Immigration Case Dropped:
A brother was given a letter of refusal from Immigration for his two year visa extension. But after using Anointed oil from the Miracle pack, the Immigration office called him to inform him that the first statement of his denial had been withdrawn and they are now reconsidering his case to issue him the two year extention he requested for. This is a progressive spiritual intervention from the local pastors. The God of The kingdom church is real to them that believe. I would to encourage anyone reading this to get their miracle pack now and begin to experience the wonders of God in their lives. – Pastor Olu (TKC Glasgow)
Business Flourishes 
Dear Bishop
Thanks for replying. I again really thank God for what he is doing in our Lives through You. Glory to GOD . I consider myself Blessed to be connected to You as my spiritual father .
I received The Miracle Pack two weeks ago here in Japan and I have been using it everyday. I have been applying  it all over my house,office,over everything and all over my body. For Two or three Months Our Business in here was not doing well.. We were receiving  very few customers . Some Customers were making inquiries and and when it reached time for transferring the money, they would disappear for no reason, in short there had been lots of delays, disappointments, etc.
But from the first week I started applying it people started calling from everywhere buying the products and paying on time …. We have been receiving so many orders and  I thank God for it .I Give God all the Glory ..Yesterday My boss Told me That my salary must increase Increase,  Glory to God… since I started using the Miracle Pack I have become a Success Magnet. From M.K – Japan
Advice From Bishop Climate :
Remember that God is not a respector of persons but of faith. You have been reading these testimonies, and if God did it for them then he can do it for you.
Hebrews 13:8 says Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. Get your Miracle Pack and begin to experience your breakthrough now!
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From Bishop Climate Irungu

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