DAY 5 : Persons Who Put This Reproach Upon Your Life …. Bringing Down Jericho Wall

Dear Child Of God, 


As I was praying for you, I saw the spirit of reproach surrounding your life like a wall, keeping you from making progress.  I saw a spell of failure at the last minute that has been operating over your life. Especially God has revealed to me that in your life there is a seal of disapproval of your ability to succeed. Yes I mean disaproval of your ability to be successful.  That’s why you  keep finding yourself making decision that you think are right only to find out that it was a mistake. This is the main problem that undermines your ability to progress. And do you know where its coming from? Let me tell you, this is the result of envy and generational hatred. But today I came to let you know after all that time God is about to roll it away. Yes !!!!

Then the Lord said to Joshua, “Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.” So the place has been called Gilgal to this day. ( Joshua 5:9) 

Yesterday many were set free.

Powerful Testimonies are Continuing to Take Place As A Result of Jericho Walls. Read Here: 

One lady travelled from abroad to attend the Breaking Down Walls of Jericho Conference this year, and surely God has rolled away the reproach over her life. She was facing a court case to repossess her house, but now it has been cancelled and the bank offered to assist her in managing her finances.

Another lady was facing a demonic attack; her stomach had bloated twice the size after she dreamt about eating food. But after listening to Day Number 2 at home, she was delivered powerfully from that demonic bloating and from every spirit of rejection and failure. Did you read that? She was not here physically, but watching from home, and she experienced powerful deliverance. 

Today at 7:30PM, Day 5 of our 7 Days of Bringing Down Jericho Walls Conference Continues.  God is about to roll away every form of reproach that has been hindering your life and progress. 

I saw someone has tied up your ability to succeed and be great. I saw a spell that was cast upon you and I saw them tying you to a life that will never amount to anything. Today I declare and decree that as you connect to this anointing may Jehovah God begin to roll away every reproach of failure out of your life. Today Jehovah God will roll away every reproach of poverty out of your life. Today as you connect to this anointing, as you submit your prayer request, as you pray and decree the prayer points that I am going to send you, may Jehovah God roll away every reproach of witchcraft and sorcery that has been destroying your life. 

You might be there reading this email but you haven’t yet sent in your prayer request. If that is the case, I want to encourage you to participate today. Especially Today.  On the 5th day you cannot afford to miss. God spoke to me very clearly that the reproach must be removed today before you can begin to see all what God has promised you. Just like He told Joshua.

Then the Lord said to Joshua, “Today I have rolled away the reproach of Egypt from you.” So the place has been called Gilgal to this day. ( Joshua 5:9) 


I see God rolling away every reproach of failure and rejection our of your life. The key to your breakthrough this year is unusual instructions. But as you obey by faith and tap into what God is doing, you are about to see the hand and power of God come into your situation like never before. 

Please don’t miss out on what God is doing. You can participate from home. All what you need to do is send in your prayer request, and watch us live online from home. And if you haven’t participated in any of the other services, go back and check your emails and fill in your prayer agreement forms for those days too. It’s not too late! 

Every day we have been dealing with a different issue, a different wall, and today is about financial release. Today every financial wall that have been standing up against you is going to come down. You know it’s one things to have some bills that you are able to handle, but when there is a financial wall against you it leads to a pile up of debts, situations that you get in over your head and there seems to be no way out. But as you obey today, that wall will fall down in Jesus name. 

These are Today’s Instructions that God has instructed the Prophet for you to Follow:

1) Write down all the areas where you feel stuck, every place where you have experienced stagnation those walls must come down tonight !!!

2)If you have not yet sent in your debts from yesterday. Write down how much you owe in debts, put it in detail or an estimate. Write each debt by name & amount

3) Add it together

4) Submit it with your prayer agreement form online

5) Download and prayer your free Daily Prayer points that you will receive after submitting your prayer agreement form

Yes I want you to write Down all the things/people that have been hindering your progress. And remember to bring the copies of all the bills, debts, negative letters : victory is yours! As you walk around the “Walls of Jericho” every wall of impossibility must fall flat!

When you send your prayer agreement form online, I will print it for you personally. 

But remember to participate every day. For every day is a special day, remember the children of Israel marched around Jericho every single day, until their Breakthrough came! You cannot just stay at home, if you know that you are available to watch us live, then you must make every effort to do so, for others have come from far and made a Great Sacrifice to be here this Week and that’s what counts. Remember God will never advance you beyond your last point of disobedience.  I feel so strong that you need to participate in whichever way that you can, this may be the only chance that God has given you. TAKE IT NOW! TAKE IT TODAY! TAKE IT TOMORROW! AND TAKE IT FOREVER! YOU WILL NOT REGRET!

Click Below to Fill in Your Prayer Request and Sow your Special Seed according to the number 7, it could be £7, £14, £21, £77, or whatever you can afford to give. Remember this is going towards the administrative costs of printing out your prayer requests each day as well as to broadcast our prorgams live for all our partners. When I print it off for you I will include it on the special table that the men of God will be marching around this week. As they march around it, every wall of impossibility is coming Crashing Down! Remember you must only write those things that you want God to break and destroy out of your life, for whatever gets put on that table is Coming Down in Jesus name!

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