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Day 12: You Must Catch This Foxes ....2017 | Bishop Climate Ministries

Day 12: In..2017 If You Refuse To Confront These Strongholds .. This Will Happen! From Bishop Climate

Bishop Climate 21 Day Revival


Dear Child of God,

I saw something seriously happened in your life 4 years ago , It has to do with little foxes ….. check in for more details ………….

People are starting to breakforth! Lives are being set free! God is responding to our prayers and fasting like never before! Yesterday many began to testify about what has been happening in their life after dealing with the Hivite spirit of deception, God has given them strength to put a stop to everything that is not of God in their lives.

“Man of God, I live far but I made it up in my mind that I will be here every day for the 21 Day Revival. That means I only get about 2 hours of sleep per night but I counted it worthy. And things have begun to happen. Last year I was deceived into joining a certain business, and it just took over my life. It got to the point where I was coming late for church, I wasn’t praying, I even quit my profession to do this business full time. But all I got was stress and headache. I was struggling in every area, I did not even tell you because I felt ashamed. Then yesterday my eyes were opened after you preached about the Hivite spirit, my manager emailed me to say that she refuses for me to quit and I knew that it was God. I have returned to my job and have dumped this business once and for all. Now I have peace again. Thank you for this powerful revelation and Revival.” – S.B, UK

Wow! People are getting delivered. Just like this woman, may God open your eyes to see your problems for what they are. May He give you strength to rise up and say no!


Bishop Climate 21 Day Revival


Yesterday we began to deal with another spirit, another one of the strongholds that the children of Israel had to face. This is the Perizzite spirit. The word Perizzite means no walls. In short, lack of self-control.

Today, many have died, are in jail, have children out of wedlock, have unnecessary health issues, or suffered many other tragedies because of this spirit. It is one of the main reasons why Christians are not enjoying their life today.

God said that if you refuse to confront these strongholds …. , they will become snares and traps for you, whips on your backs and thorns in your eyes (Josh 23:13)

That why you must join me daily, This strongholds must come down, You must be determined In order to terminate them. 

The job of the Perizzite is to bring shame and disgrace into your life, to cause you to live a life of regret. Many people that are operating under the Perizzite spirit live a secret or double life. They have to hide their addictions and are ashamed to admit who they really are. I’m talking about food addiction, gambling, drug and alchohol abuse, masturbation and other sexual addictions.

When you have no self-control, you can give your money to anyone who asks. When you have no self-control, you don’t know when to stop. When you have no self-control, you feel that you are a slave to whatever you give yourself to. But actually you are. The Bible says that “you become the slave of whatever you choose to obey” (Rom 6:16)

If you want to conquer this year – this is the one spirit that you need to confront and deal with once and for all. It’s time to put your foot down, enough is enough! As long as you allow anything apart from God to master you, you can never have complete victory in this life!

I declare – Nothing shall master you, nothing shall steal your joy anymore! Only Jesus is your Master. You shall not be a slave to food! You shall not be a slave to pornography! You shall not be a slave to the TV! You shall not be a slave to alcohol! You shall not be a slave to cigarettes and drugs!  

I prophesy into your life, every spirit that wants to bring shame and disgrace into your life through addictions and wreckless behaviours, I break its powers, I command it to die by fire! Yes every negative thoughts and strongholds that keep you prisoner to those strange desires, I uproot them now, I command them to be exposed, DIE BY FIRE!  


Bishop Climate 21 Day Revival


If there is any area I come across while counselling, in which the devil tries to bring disgrace and to cut you off from God’s blessing, it is this spirit. It causes you to live a life of shame, you end up hating yourself, you feel powerless, you don’t understand why you continue doing what you do even though you want to stop. But you are not alone. Even Apostle Paul faced this issue: 

“I don’t really understand myself, for I want to do what is right, but I don’t do it. Instead, I do what I hate”. (Rom 7:15)

For Last 4 years I saw Perrizites spirits ruining your life, your finances, your health 

Catch for us the foxes, the little foxes that ruin the vineyards, our vineyards that are in bloom. (Songs Of Songs 2:15) 

This year I see catching  all the Little Foxes that has been messing up your vineyards. 

But you need to understand that this is a spirit. It is a stronghold. And it wants to eat your destiny if you continue to allow it. That’s why God spoke to the children of Israel, this is one of the strongholds that you MUST bring down! 2017 you cannot keep going through the same issues. You must Rise up Now and Confront every enemy of your soul! God wants you to enjoy your life and I want you to enjoy your life! And you do not need to be a slave to that addiction any longer! NO, every lack of self-control that has been causing you to life a life of shame and disgrace, to make decisions that you regret, I break it now in Jesus name! I command you to be free! I command your body to be free! I command your mind to be free! Amen – Arch Bishop Climate Wiseman


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  1. Bishop I thank god for you and this 21days of fasting I was bold I confronted my daughter. I feel at peace thank for open my eyes to the problem god bless you shalom

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