Click Inside And Accept My Valentine Challenge!

…Click Inside And Accept My Valentine Challenge! Read From Prophet Climate! Discover More About Our Cleansing & Anointing Of The Hands Service This Friday & More Below!.. 

Hi Child Of God,

Wishing you all a Happy Valentines! Not just for today but for all year round. Today my message for you is brief, as I know the best love story of all time has been demonstrated by how Jesus showed His love for each and every one of us. Today as you read this I hope your heart fills up with joy! I know you may have been filled with many experiences, that have filled you will sadness and loneliness. There are things may have not worked out in the past, the experiences that you have had may have left you broken and empty. But today God has shown me that He wants to remind you that any situation that has been filled with loneliness. Anything that has filled your heart with void or sadness is temporary! Today I want you to believe that God has something great for you. There is a great purpose and plan for your life. If this message reaches you today and you are reading these words, this is a sign to show you that God has not forgotten you. You are remembered! Today you need to embrace the love that’s all around you. You need to appreciate all those that are around you. 


Today I prophesy into your life that as you embrace love around you God will open up his arms and bless you in an even greater abundance. Gone are the days where you are jumping head first into things you are not ready for. Today I challenge you to do something different and make someone’s day with your kindness and generosity. Go the extra mile! Give a compliment, help someone in need, show your appreciation. Something that you can know for sure, no matter if it’s big or small that you have made a difference. I would love to hear your feedback, drop your comments on what you have done on my Facebook and Twitter as today can be the start where you make the difference in someone else’s life. I am preparing for this weekend at TKC London as we have another powerful Cleansing and Anointing of the Hands Miracle Service. Powerful things are going to take place this weekend and we must meet here in London as a breakthrough must take place. Keep Shining and be blessed.  – Prophet Climate 


TKC London Week Schedule: 14th February – 18th February 2018


Today Wednesday 14th February Valentines Special! Join Us in our Corporate Fast 5AM – 5PM and Join us at For our Mid-Week Boost Service with Senior Pastor Lungi! 

Join us Tomorrow Thursday 15th February we have our TKC Spiritual Boost at 7:30PM! Also at 8PM for LIVE GIRLS TALK on Periscope with Dr Jennifer! Come and join with Dr Jennifer Live and hear principles for women on single life, long-term partnership, keys to success, efficient communication techniques & more!

Join with us Friday 16th February for our Cleansing and Anointing of The Hands Miracle Service! at 7:30PM 


This Weekend At The Kingdom Church London

8AM – 9AM for Our Morning Glory – Intercession:  Join us to start your Sunday morning with special prayers!

9AM – 10AM Prophetic Hour with The Man of God! Come for a special word of prophecy no appointment needed just show up on time! 

10:30AM – 1PM Word Service:  Is spiritual growth your purpose? Do you want to live a successful and winning lifestyle? Do you want to be a disciple of Jesus? Then Come hear the word, Grow and glow spiritually!

2PM – 4:30PM Miracle Prophetic Service:– Are you believing God for a quick breakthrough, Personal word of Knowledge? Do you want to face Monday with a High gear, full of energy and power? Then this service is for you! 



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