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“Dear Bishop, I can not keep this testimony to myself I have to tell you. While I was Daniel fasting, two weeks ago God revealed to me, the woman my husband is involved with. I saw her in my kitchen she put a dish of yellow rice and chicken on my counter I saw the back of her leaving my house as soon as she had left my house my daughter and I ate the food. Every morning around 5/6am for the last week I was eating food, cakes, drinking(water, juice) in my dreams. When I awoke I was feeling so tired and was not motivated to do anything. I was feeling very confused, I did not want to face the day. I felt like I could stay in bed all day I had to force myself to get up. I was not going to attend Church on Sunday but it felt like someone was forcing me to go. I took my friend with me to Church, without me knowing she had put £100 in my hand bag while we were in Church at the word service, I did not ask her for any money, she did not stay for the second Miracle service but before she left she showed me the money in my bag and I was thinking what I was going to do with the money. I had my own plans but God had his plan for that £100! When you said to sow a seed of £100 for the Miracle pillow, God said to me this is what I want you to do with the money. I got the Miracle pillow on Sunday I have been sleeping with it under my head every night. I am no longer eating or drinking in my dreams, I am sleeping peacefully! I am no longer feeling confused, I am motivated again. Last night I tried not to sleep with the Miracle pillow but as I was going off to sleep the holy spirit kept saying to me to get my Miracle pillow and I obeyed. Bishop the pillow is beyond a Miracle! Bishop God loves you so much, as He is using you to do what no other man can do. I know God has answered my prayer, I prayed and asked God to give me a true man of God in my life and God guided me to you Bishop. I thank God for planting me in the Kingdom Church God Bless you Bishop.” – Mrs J.G , London

Hi Church,

What a powerful testimony! God is revealing himself more and more to his people through The Miracle Pillow! I am thankful to God for people just like this woman who shared her testimony. People who are taking an action, beginning to grow there faith and believing the prophetic word and that God will act on there behalf with the Miracle Pillow. I want you to know this is not a gimmick, or is this something made up out of thin air, this can only be a divine revelation from God himself. As people have sown to receive there Miracle Pillow, they are already benefiting from the 5 prophetic blessings Wisdom, Excellence, Knowledge, Understanding & Interpretation of Dreams! If you need an urgent answer from God, if you feel that you are trying to find answers in life, I urge you to sow your special seed today. This is the month of divine increase, so as you take a leap of faith don’t look at this just as a pillow but this is the anointed tool that will push you to your destiny! Looking forward to seeing you tonight at our Powerful Miracle Anointing of Hands Service, get ready to receive hands of Increase. – Bishop Climate Irungu

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This Week At TKC London 8th November – 10th November 2013


Get Ready and join us for The Miracle: Anointing Of Hands Service! This month is the month of Divine Increase Every Friday for this month we will be anointing our hands each Friday. Come as the Man of God will anoint your hands and break the spirit of poverty, lack and shame over your hands and restore them with the spirit of Increase.  The Kingdom Church London is the place to BE! Its a place where miracles and testimonies are birthed! Cant get to us in person join our online family at 8pm at

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