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…Read This Powerful Miracle Pack Testimony Below!!..

” Hi Bishop I thank God for The Miracle Pack I have a friend that I hadn’t seen for a while and I went to visit her. She had diabetes and it had begun to take over her body! Affecting all parts of her body. I decided to take an action and believe that God would move on her behalf. I prayed with her and took out my Miracle Pack and told her to spray the Miracle Water in her mouth. Since then her eyesight has improved and her legs have gone from strength to strength and she has since gone back to work! “ Mrs P.A London

Hi Church,

Amazing testimonies are still pouring in all over the world from what God is doing in peoples lives todays. Many people are choosing to activate there faith and even helping others to cross over into there breakthrough! This is the season where you are going to be fruitful and experience everything in abundance! This will be the year where you will share an overflow of testimonies! The time of sorrow and depression are no longer! In 2014 you are about to experience a joy that is going to cover you like a blanket. Today make the right choice with the words that you speak today. (Proverbs,18: 21) No matter what it is you are facing no matter how the situation may look, speak these words and choose to speak life today. This week continue to speak these prophetic words, listed below, over your life and as you put your faith into practice your will see these prophetic words come to life in your circumstances Amen. – Bishop Climate Irungu

I Will Cross Over! – Prophetic Words For This Week: 

1. Angelic Assignment: This week whatever has been hindering your calling or hindering your marriage, get ready for an angelic assignment! Make sure you don’t go anywhere without sending forth your angels. When you wake up invite The Holy Spirit and His angels into your life and say “Good morning Holy Spirit send your angel to go forth before me and cause me to be successful in my career, in my life, where ever I go cause me to be fruitful.” (Psalms 103:20 KJV)

2. Wall Of Fire: (Zechariah 2:5) You will Surround your business, your children with a wall of fire, so that when you are facing the spirit of Egyptians you will be surrounded by fire. This coming week and month anyone who wants to hang you and stretch up there hands against you God will freeze there hands Amen.

3. God will begin to discomfit your enemies and they will be removed: (Exodus 14:19 -28) Get yourself ready! The problems you will be seeing will be no more! This week your enemy will reveal themselves and confess to you that they have been fighting you. From today there is no turning back no more failure! Amen.

4. Get Ready For The East Wind : God is about to bring that east wind there there will be opportunities for promotion for marriage Today I prophesy a wind where your bills will be paid! A wind of debt cancelations! A wind full of favour! Today declare & believe that You will cross over. Amen!


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